Driving report WITEC-BMW RC 1100 SC


Driving report WITEC-BMW RC 1100 SC


An unleashed boxer pulls furrows in the ground with elemental force. The WITEC-BMW – always looking for Gaston Rahier’s legacy.

Long before the white-blue recollection, the small tuning company WITEC created an off-road boxer that picks up on the legendary Paris-Dakar successes of the two-cylinder and encourages them to storm the slopes. This towering, martial radical conversion made its debut in 1996 and has electrified rally drivers and extreme tourists alike since then.

Of course, those interested have to make some compromises with regard to the pure Munich teaching: Nothing there with Telelever and G-Kat, away with the economical frame construction of the original. In search of undemanding technology that could also be repaired in the desert sand, Thomas Eckardt and Rudi Willner, the WITEC makers, upgraded to classic 40-millimeter Bing constant pressure carburetors. And because of the enormous forces that the Telelever introduces into the engine housing after brutal jumps or in scree passages, you trust a 50 millimeter thick Magnum fork from Marzocchi, which also guarantees the necessary spring travel: 295 instead of 190 millimeters.

The fork requires a different frame, which is why a tubular space construction with massive reinforcements in the steering head area arches over the motor. Underneath the screwed-on rear frame, there is a voluminous and stiff single-sided swing arm, which the WITEC guys are really proud of. A mighty, welded cardan tunnel is attached to the milled light metal mount for the swing arm bearing, in which – here it comes – a self-constructed cardan shaft transfers the power to the BMW rear axle drive. In tough rally operations, the forces introduced by the series shaft created a break in the transmission. Despite the advantages of their own creation, Willner and Eckardt reinforce the shafts and bearings in the five-speed box. Overall, the swing arm gained five centimeters in length compared to the series, the rear wheel measures 18 inches, the secondary gear ratio is 11:37.

The engine of the test copy is provided by the R 1100 RS, not the somewhat more potent S variant as in the BMW project. »But«, says Rudi Willner, »we will have to react to this competition.« The six-speed gearbox in particular is extremely appealing, nobody really needs more engine power. »The TÜV measured 87 hp with a GS engine that the RS is allowed to use? have two or three more. ”The Bing carburettors provide more power from the cellar and minimize constant travel jolting. A tightly wrapped air filter and the most free exhaust paths possible can never hurt anyway.

No wonder, then, when real, old boxing lust emerges after the electric start: The new Flattwin – introduced in 1993 with the R 1100 RS – has probably never sounded so combative in an enduro. And he keeps what his sound promises, goes to work with spontaneous zeal, always demands full concentration. Fortunately, his will to perform well into the upper speed range continues. Even tight turns can be taken in second gear, a nod on the sporty, direct, but somewhat stiff throttle, and the 198-kilogram battle horse leaps ahead without delay and plows the ground.

The spring elements respond very well at the front and rear, offer enough reserves for the very rough and also digest jumps – in contrast to the white-blue template – without complaint. However, the driver should orientate himself backwards as quickly as possible immediately after the jump, otherwise his vehicle could land on the front wheel. Drifts, on the other hand, are easy and relaxed for experienced pilots, because the light tail can be easily controlled thanks to precisely predictable performance. At most, the 21-inch front wheel tends to slip on sandy ground, as the relatively high front wheel load is noticeable here. The projecting cylinders are inherent in the system – so be careful with the balancing leg, otherwise it will get stuck.

The bottom line is that after exuberant off-road work you can be sure that, given its size, a very handy thunder bolt has been created, which does not lose its calm even in extreme situations and is also well balanced for slow passages. Grippy bench, well-shaped handlebars and tank also support any climbing ambition. The cockpit with its towering window meets the demands of rally professionals, and that’s not at all surprising in this context: Firstly, Thomas Eckardt looked after Gaston Rahier as a mechanic years ago, and secondly, the test copy went straight from MOTORRAD to the Tunisia rally, to come in 33rd there. Exactly one place in front of the factory boxer – albeit haunted by bad luck.

W.he would like to enjoy the full competitive charm of this racer, pays 55,000 marks. Anyone who “only” needs an ultimate long-distance travel device and uses the standard swing arm, for example, can get there with significantly less. And then there are rally conversions based on Husqvarna at WITEC. But that’s a different construction site.

Technical data WITEC-BMW RC 1100 SC

Air / oil-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine, crankshaft lengthways, one raised camshaft each driven by gears and chain, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, bumpers, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, Bing constant pressure carburetor, 0 40 mm, WITEC transistor map ignition, no exhaust gas regulation, electric starter, three-phase alternator 700 watts, battery 12 V / 8 Ah. bore x stroke 99 x 70.5 mm displacement 1085 cm³ compression ratio 10.7 nominal output approx. 66 kW (90 PS) at 7300 rpm max. Torque approx. 95 Nm (9.7 kpm at 5500 rpm) Power transmission Primary drive via gear wheels, mechanically operated single-disc sintered metal dry clutch, five-speed gearbox, cardan, secondary drive 11:37. Chassis, tubular steel bridge frame, screwed-on rear frame made of steel tubes, telescopic fork, standpipe diameter 50 mm, adjustable compression and rebound stage, Ohlins steering damper, WITEC two-joint single-sided swing arm made of light metal, Ohlins central spring strut, directly hinged, spring base, adjustable rebound and compression stage, front disc brake, four-piston caliper, 0 305 mm, rear disc brake, two-piston caliper, 0 276 mm. Spoke wheels with aluminum rims 1.85 x 21; 2.50 x 18 tires 90/90 – 21; 140/90 – 18 Chassis dataWheelbase 1610 mmSteering head angle and caster via torque support of the Paralever variableSpring travel f / h 295/305 mmDimensions and weightsL / W / H 2380/850/1620 mmWeight fully fueled 198 kg Total weight 430 kg Tank capacity (main tank) 25 l Price including VAT. and ancillary costs 55,000 Marks Accessories Large main tank (50 l), additional tank (30 l) Manufacturer: WITEC, Egerlandstrasse 785368 Moosberg near Freising

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