Driving report Yamaha Neo ?? s 50 4T

Driving report Yamaha Neo ?? s 50 4T

Driving report Yamaha Neo ?? s 50 4T

Yamaha’s new four-stroke scooter

"It never rains in Southern Catalunya." Albert Hammond once sang something like this. Which the Catalan weather ignored, which is why Yamaha’s new four-stroke Fuffi was water-cooled several times when it was presented in Barcelona.

Since 1997 the Neo ?? s has enjoyed great popularity among its mostly female customers.

To keep it that way, the dress was given a lift for 2008 and the lines tightened. And for 2009, the Yamaha 50s can optionally get a new heart: The tried and tested and robust air-cooled two-stroke engine is now available with a newly developed, water-cooled four-stroke engine for an extra cost of 255 euros. Its three valves are controlled by an overhead camshaft, and a modern injection system ensures the right mixture. If the Euro 3 norm also applied to fuffies, the Neo ?? s would easily undercut their limits.

A special feature of the cultivated single cylinder is the placement of the water cooler directly on the crankcase, so that the complete drive unit can also be accommodated in other, previously air-cooled models without any problems. Despite seven degrees outside temperature and pouring rain, the first contact with the friendly grinning Neo ?? s is pleasant. Behind the leg shield, both weather protection and legroom deserve praise. Thanks to hardly any equipment, the operation is not a mystery. The helmet compartment is enough for jet helmets, with large integrals it should be scarce. The circular, blue illuminated cockpit (on the two-stroke engine it lights up orange) shows all necessary information as well as the time and the tank content.

And how does the cute Fuffi drive? Strong in traffic jams and lively in the rain. On his twelve-inch vehicles, he circled the motorcades lightly and stably. The Continental Zippy 1 tires present themselves as “three-weather detention”. and inspire trust even under adverse circumstances. The easy-revving drive willingly hangs on the gas and shines with clean variator tuning. The forward thrust is slowed far too quickly at the permitted 45 km / h. The acceleration is decent, although it cannot keep up with that of a two-stroke engine. The bottom line is that Yamaha’s four-stroke Neo ?? s presents itself as a well thought-out and practical everyday scooter, the further success of which (over 450,000 units so far) the new engine will certainly be beneficial.

Technical data Yamaha Neo’s 50 4T


Well-rounded, pretty and clear: the cockpit.

Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, one overhead camshaft, three valves, injection.
Bore x stroke 38.0 x 43.6 mm
Cubic capacity 49 cm³
Nominal output 2.3 kW (3.1 HP) at 7000 rpm
Max. Torque 3.2 Nm at 7000 rpm

landing gear
Tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, suspension travel 70 mm, drive unit swing arm, suspension travel 60 mm, front tires 120 / 70-12, rear 130 / 70-12.

Dimensions + weights
Wheelbase 1276 mm, seat height 790 mm, weight with a full tank 95 kg, tank capacity 5.4 liters.
Two year guarantee
Price without additional costs 2250 euros

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