Driving report Yamaha XVS 650 Sidewinder

Driving report Yamaha XVS 650 Sidewinder

Change of front

How an extra cool flat iron was forged from a perfectly good Yamaha XVS 650 Drag Star.

Now a Yamaha XVS 650, stage name Drag Star, is anything but an ugly stove. And yet there are a few details that don’t go through on a Crusier – at least that‘s what the people from the XS store in Stuttgart, where they know about cosmetic two-wheeler tuning, think.

The styling of the front section in particular went against the aesthetic sensibility of the Swabian cosmetic surgeons. So they sharpened the knives and started Operation Sidewinder.
The most radical change: Instead of the original 19-inch front wheel, a highly polished, 17-inch-diameter aluminum rim with 140 mm front tires was used. Looks damn good, those wide slippers. As soon as movement comes into play, however, the unavoidable negative side effect of such a cocky appearance becomes apparent: every change of direction, however insignificant, stimulates the sidewinder to resist.
Once the unwieldy cock has finally settled down to take up an inclined position, it does its job more calmly and conscientiously than an ordinary drag star. On the one hand this has to do with the smaller front wheel diameter, on the other hand with the handlebars. A so-called drag bar: bolt upright. On the uncrunched handlebar ends, the two-cylinder can be guided through curves in a more controlled manner than on the original Japanese bow squirrel. Also, things feel a lot more dashing. If the Sidewinder still had something like lean angle … But that’s not the point with such motorcycles. One says.
S.how talented he must have, the cruiser. Everything else is secondary. So the inclined fan smiles and pushes his 14,490 marks over the counter of the motorcorner company in Wangen, where the Sidewinder (as shown) is available. Including painting. Anyone who has already bet almost 12,000 marks on the original will find happiness directly at the XS store. Either in individual parts or as a complete conversion.

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