Ducati KTM safety systems

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Ducati KTM safety systems


technology & future

Ducati KTM safety systems

Ducati and KTM safety systems
Front and rear radar ready for series production by 2020

Ducati and KTM are stepping on the gas when it comes to safety and have announced the introduction of adaptive cruise control and blind spot assistants.

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To make motorcycling safer, manufacturers are relying on more and more new safety systems and technologies. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati had already in April with his “Safety Road Map 2025 ”presented its roadmap for the future. KTM followed suit in June.

Radar systems for the front and rear

Ducati KTM safety systems


LEDs in the mirrors warn of objects in the blind spot.

The basis of the multi-layered Ducati safety concept is the introduction of ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems) on Ducati motorcycles. These further developed assistance systems are intended to increase driver safety by means of a large number of sensors, including radar. Radar sensors detect the area around the motorcycle and can help prevent collisions with obstacles or other vehicles by giving the driver visual and acoustic warnings in good time.

The systems will go into series production from 2020

Ducati KTM safety systems


Radar systems monitor the vehicle environment.

With the front radar it is also possible to control an adaptive cruise control, which monitors the distance (selectable by the driver) to a vehicle in front and keeps it constant. This safety package, which also includes a further developed information display to show the driver the danger warnings, should be available in a first Ducati model as early as 2020.

KTM from Austria uses the same technology that is being developed by the supplier Bosch and intends to gradually introduce this into various series with the 2021 model year.

Lean ABS for everyone

Ducati KTM safety systems


Dainese has airbag jackets that interact with the Multistrada.

Ducati has already started with the gradual introduction of sloping Bosch ABS systems across the entire model range. This anti-lock braking system allows braking at the highest level of safety. While conventional ABS systems ensure that the wheels are locked when braking when driving straight ahead, the further developed system that is capable of leaning is able to ensure this also when cornering, i.e. in an inclined position.

As early as 2014, Ducati introduced a system for the Multistrada 1200 that interacts with airbag-equipped driver protection clothing from the manufacturer Dainese.

Ducati KTM safety systems

technology & future

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