Ducati Monster: practical test

Practical test Ducati Monster

Good vibrations can be loud: Ducati’s monster under test

Ducati Monster: practical test-practical

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The Ducati brand has finally left its former exotic status. The brand’s image bearer is the Monster, an eye-catching bike with modern touches. For whom is the Monster the right motorcycle?

Ducati is doing really well at the moment. The Italian motorcycle brand is on a roll, selling over 55 last year.000 bikes: seventh annual record in a row. In comparison to the Japanese brands, BMW and also Harley-Davidson, Audis Zweirad subsidiary is still considered a rather small player, but their former exotic status is finally dazzled.

Not least because of this, Audi employees also find it a pity that the Volkswagen Group is rumored to want to sell the brand again. After all, it was above all the five years under Ingolstadt that the company from Bologna really flourished. The change from a manufacturer of extreme sports bikes to one for (also) relaxed gait and the opening for (re)starters who see their motorcycle more as a lifestyle ingredient was significantly involved in this. The surprise success of the Scrambler, which – in the manner of the Heritage line from competitor BMW – has a cooled two-cylinder that is no longer quite fresh, is one of those bikes that have generally made motorcycling a popular hobby again – even for younger riders. On the other hand, the legendary brand naturally continues to build high-horsepower racers, such as the Panigale S with almost 200 hp for over 26.000 euros. In racing, the Italians also mix with carbon frame.


Noble monster with 147 hp

And then of course there are the monsters, which have been THE Ducati par excellence and the brand’s image bearer for decades. This naked bike is now rolling out in a new version, as a 1200 and a noble variant, the 1200 S, each with 147 hp, for at least 14.190 euros.

Instead, there is a naturally bright red eye-catching motorbike with a stylish gray finish if desired, which connoisseurs will immediately see as having the typical monster lines, despite modern features such as LED daytime running lights. The rider sits relatively relaxed, but with knees well bent, and overall more sporty than on most other naked bikes. Just Ducati. The ready-to-drive machine, weighing 213 kilos, feels slimmer and lighter than it actually is, giving it the streetfighter that scuttles through the hustle and bustle in the city and robs corners on country roads. It is easy to bring the typical lattice pipe frame in a slot, precisely pulls the bike through the curve and depends on the output as almost from myself again.

Vibrations on the butt

The water-cooled two-cylinder V-engine storms seriously. He always lets his work hear and feel, but that’s good vibration pleasant art. Only those who actually turn out to over 9000 tours to talk out the last performance, the nerves of the finest vibrations on the butt. In the S variant you can easily escape, because there is a switching machine that makes the pulling of the coupling lever superfluous. It works mostly well, but he sometimes sends the gearbox between the fifth and sixth gear sometimes idle – a problem that can probably be resolved during fine tuning during the series approach.

Ducati Monster: practical test-ducati

milagro In the typical lattice pipe frame of the Ducati Monster 1200 S is a 90 ° V2 engine with the test scata-11 ° drive

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The cockpit is purely digital and presents the most important data clearly. Switching between different driving programs is also easy, with the "Tour" level with medium-hard throttle response and traction control being a very useful setting in normal operation.

Of course there is also a race mode, because otherwise the Monster wouldn’t be an old-school Ducati like the loyal fans of the brand like it. And the new buyers? Now also find a tamer variant called 797 in the program. With the air-cooled, 73 hp engine of the Scrambler. This mini monster mixes Ducati’s full-throttle image with ease of use. Also for women, which is a big "Duc" too violent, a scrambler but to retro and lifestylig. That should also exist.

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5 thoughts on “Ducati Monster: practical test

  1. It’s cool on a bike…
    And I like it too, only I’d kill myself with it. I’d rather stick with mine … 125 cc Honda, it also goes 100 km/h and that’s fast enough!

  2. EU directive 97/24/EG maximum 80 dB(A)
    According to EU Directive 97/24/EG, driving noise for motorcycles may not exceed 80 dB(A). And not more.

  3. the headlight..
    …unfortunately someone completely banged it up in a drunken stupor. This aerodynamic madness makes every aesthetic sight die. It looks like a Pekingese that’s had its nose smashed in

  4. I ….
    …will NEVER become a fan of big twins. Above 500cc it needs a 3rd in my opinion. and later 4. cylinder. And more than the liter does not have to be. To the Ducatis: You are listening to Baerengeil, they also race class, at least the athletes I drove. But the running of the engine is rather nothing for me!

  5. why so loud?
    Why do some motorcycles have to be so loud that other people are bothered? The legislature should finally ensure peace. Incidentally, this also applies to cars with Assist mode . It is enough!!!

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