E-bike tuning – pedelecs with speeds of up to 75 km / h

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E-bike tuning - pedelecs with speeds of up to 75 km / h
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E-bike tuning – pedelecs with speeds of up to 75 km / h

E-bike tuning up to 75 km / h
Moped tuning of the 21st century

For moped tuning, manual skills were still required, e-bike tuning can even be difficult for technology. However, it is just as illegal as hairdressing mopeds.

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When we talk about e-bikes in this context, we mean pedelecs. In other words, the bicycles that roll with an electric motor of up to 250 watts, which only turns on when the cyclist starts pedaling. There is no license plate, driver’s license or helmet requirement for these e-bikes.

This is how illegal e-bike tuning works

A dongle or clip is used to simulate the bike that it is slower than it actually is. For this purpose, every second impulse from the speed sensor is suppressed by an additional module, so that the motor control thinks that the e-bike is only driving 20 km / h, for example, even though it is actually 40 km / h fast. The simple type of tuning makes it even possible for those who don’t like technology to tweak their e-bike. And tuning kits between 70 and 200 euros are not a big financial barrier.

E-bike tuning also enables speeds of over 70 km / h. The driver would no longer be legally traveling even if his electric bike fell into the S-Pedelec category, as S-Pedelecs are “only” allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 45 km / h. Insurance number, helmet and a driver’s license (at least class AM) would then be mandatory.

According to ARD information, every third e-bike in Germany is now fudged. It ignores the fact that the bikes are not designed for such high speeds. This can be dangerous, especially when it comes to braking. In the meantime, the cyclists are often only equipped with a helmet. By the way: The liability insurance does not apply in the event of damage, because the tuned e-bike should not be on public roads at all.

From July 2019, according to information from Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), the first e-bikes will come onto the market whose motors are no longer so easy to manipulate.

Police checks are time-consuming

The controls are difficult for the police because the software tuning is not visible. And even if the police suspect, an appraisal of the mileage must first be drawn up.

Only the user can be prosecuted, not the provider of the tuning kit. We know this from the motorcycle accessories sector, keyword “silencers”. As long as the manufacturer states that these are parts that are not allowed to be used on public roads in Germany, he is off the hook.

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