Endurance test interim report MZ 1000 S


Endurance test interim report MZ 1000 S

Endurance test interim balance MZ 1000 S

The Eastern Messenger

More exclusive than an MV, more emotional than most Japanese and more reliable than many BMWs, the MZ 1000 S unwinds its kilometers in the endurance test. Just a rolling Ostbote.

Today is a big day for Gabor Viragh. The Budapest police officer rushes off his BMW R 1100 RT to admire the silver MZ 1000 S up close. His voice cracks in English: “How much displacement? How much HP? «999 cm3 and 117 HP are our answers. The 30-year-old is visibly enthusiastic about the East German machine.
“MZ good,” he digs through his few
Brocken German out. The policeman sits proudly on the 1000 with the sample
pronounced wedge shape. A motorcycle that
the two-stroke past from GDR times opposed the G-Kat and electronic injection. In the former Eastern Bloc, the sleek M.Z 1000 S for plenty of interest. People have not forgotten that the brand from Zschopau, once the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe, gave them affordable mobility behind the Iron Curtain.
At home in Germany only a few have wanted to buy the bike from the east. Why actually? At the moment the series twin is more exclusive than an MV and more reliable than many BMW models. Four teams put their trust in the strongest German two-cylinder at the endurance world championship in Oschersleben (August 11-14, 2005). And compared to other two-cylinder engines in the long-term test fleet of MOTORRAD, BMW R 1200 GS, Ducati 999 or KTM 950 Adventure,
who strike with unpleasant regularity,
the MZ is pleasantly inconspicuous.
Only twice did the confidence in the unconditional reliability of the Saxon woman get a deep crack from now on.
Once in the literal sense. The left elbow was torn along the weld to the interference tube. Another time, a broken tongue on the shift mechanism paralyzed the transmission. Small cause, big effect. But it went without a mobility guarantee, which every 1000 MZ gets on the way. replacement-
parts were enough. A two-in-one complete system from SR Racing (see box on page 56) served as a savior in an emergency.
Your single absorption silencer explains why in the photos of the before-
The elegant aluminum triangular swing arm comes into its own on the sides. Usually it is covered by one of the two original pots.
The SR system also sounded better at first. 350 kilometers long. Then it began to roar violently: The not exactly fitting manifolds could not be tightened tight enough on the stud bolts and let some of the exhaust gases escape undamped at the cylinder head. Riots in the east! With the approval of the police? at least from Gabor Viragh.
Cooling off at a draw well in the Puszta. Time to think about the experience with the 1000. When she 2004
appeared, her engine could only be pulled on the gas with a chopping speed under 4000 revs. MZ was quick to respond; with a shorter final gear ratio with a 16-tooth sprocket instead of the original 17-tooth plus new software. Both made for more liveliness and better manners at low speeds. Well, in relative terms: in the
The series twin with a 180 degree crank pin offset is in the upper gears-
low speed still rough.
Only from 3000 revolutions does the engine run without jerking, between 4000 and 8000 tours it goes off like a swarm of mosquitoes. The Silver Arrow wheezes like crazy! And vibrates pretty coarse. In the MOTORRAD test copy, between 5000 and 6000 tours in particular. That means in sixth gear around the speedometer display 150. Then the hands fall asleep for a long time and the soles of the feet become numb. Which is not only annoying, but also the
Security is detrimental. If you reach the exit after a long motorway drive, your right hand no longer has a real feel for the throttle and front brake.
Go on! Is very pulsating
idling, high its speed; Warmed up around 1500 rpm. Tribute to the
low flywheel mass of the motor. A little hard, but always rest precisely
the aisles of the repair-friendly and
very generously dimensioned cassette gear. When accelerating strongly, the MZ driver struggles with a clutching clutch, which is also a lot of pampering
requires in the forearm. The compression springs of the 2005 model reduce the power requirement.
Thermally, the Twin is absolutely healthy, oil and water coolers have the temperature balance fully under control. And the Saxons the oil consumption of large-volume two-cylinder. It was not on 33,077 kilometers
Refill lubricant only once between the regular 10,000 maintenance intervals. Just plenty of premium gasoline. The MZ practically never does less than six liters, allowing itself more than seven on brisk tours with luggage and more than twelve liters per 100 kilometers on the motorway at full throttle. The short stroke then quickly sucks the 20 liter fuel tank empty. Unfortunately, the simple petrol warning light comes on when you have six liters left? therefore, you usually only use part of the theoretical range.
The sporty seating position is perfect for touring. However, too much weight is on the wrists when creeping. The 2.5 centimeter higher handlebar stubs from MR Motorradtechnik provide a remedy. The wind protection is remarkable, especially with the three centimeters higher spoiler screen of the MZ 1000 ST (with ABE). The helmet lies comfortably calm and free of turbulence in the laminar air flow. Travel speed 210 ?? the speedometer has 30 scaling ?? is very bearable even with a tank bag. Passenger operation, however, is a torture.
With the low beam, only one of the two projection headlights shines, which brings little illumination. The headlight bulbs are very easy to change. The view to the rear is obscured by violent vibrations in the mirrors, the locking of which is also poor, they fold in easily at top speed and come off completely twice.
The suspension of the Über-Emme turned out to be excellent. The effective brakes can be metered very transparently using flexible steel lines. The gold four-piston calipers from Nissin have two pairs of brake pistons of different sizes. Speak sensitively
the fully adjustable suspension elements: at the front a 43 mm upside-down fork from Marzocchi, at the rear a directly hinged central spring strut from Sachs, offset to the left. The highlight: It can be
Adjust using the rotary knob and knurled screws without tools, see photo on the right. An inner fender protects the shock absorber from dirt attacks, at the front the front fender shields the dip tubes of the upside-down fork.
The enormous freedom from lean angles proves the racing enthusiasm of the MZ engineers. In contrast to real super sports motorcycles, Sister S also opens
Bumpy roads look good. In the best MZ tradition, cobblestones or Romanian pothole passages lose their horror. High suspension comfort is offset by even greater stability. The 234-kilogram 1000-meter pound into fast corners is neutral and precise. A motorcycle that works even in adverse conditions
Conditions instill a lot of trust due to perfect feedback. Great! Where wide, fast arcs are more suited to it, in turns it wants to be wrestled down.
The agile MZ rolls on standard tire sizes 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17. It is completely insensitive to longitudinal grooves in the asphalt. The superbly adherent Metzeler Sportec harmonize very well with the Saxon woman, after all they held
6692 kilometers before the also highly recommended Michelin Pilot Sport were used twice. The rear tires made it around 6000 kilometers long. The 1000 series is now rolling up
Dunlop D 208; works with those too
they are splendid. Either way you can with her
Driving super sports pilots crazy in the Black Forest. Driving is very sensual. Endorphins are thrown in the blood
Blow. Driving in the Emmenrausch!
After returning from Eastern Europe, the 30,000 inspection is due. For only 177 euros: short service times and affordable spare parts prices have a positive impact. The mechanics praise it
Maintenance-friendly design: the tank can be folded up almost 90 degrees, and all components underneath are easily accessible. The powder-coated bridge frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel is joined together with fine weld seams.
Valve clearance correction is easy because the timing chain remains on its idler while the two camshafts are removed. This has to be because the bucket tappets do not have shims but are changed themselves, which saves weight.
Individual options and valuable ones
Details indicate the MZ, which has been reduced in price to 10,790 euros. It is also available in special colors ex works from an extra charge of 280 euros. The battery is maintenance-free,
only some motorcyclists are not free
of prejudices against the Ostboten.
He deserves recognition, so
as by Gabor Viragh. Welcome to reality ?? over here as over there!

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Endurance test interim report MZ 1000 S

Endurance test interim balance MZ 1000 S
The Eastern Messenger

Mike Funke, MOTORCYCLE screwdriver – The MZ is too often underestimated

The chassis and brakes are great, they did a great job-
got at MZ. The 1000 series is very stable in fifth and sixth gear like a board. Wide, fast arcs are their strengths. And perfect feedback
even in poor road conditions. The engine is a rough one, a 1000 cm3 two-cylinder. You can tell-
sure that something is stomping
below. The twin doesn’t run
as soft as that of a TDM
or VTR. On the racetrack ?? and only there ?? could the MZ
tolerate a little more power. In terms of image, the motorcycle has only one disadvantage: that it comes from East Germany.

Rolf Henniges,

Test editor – The jerking is really annoying

It has a great chassis with a wide adjustment range from comfortable to sporty. The motorcycle is easy to handle despite the clip-ons? a real curve planer. The engine goes
great and fun, but downstairs it is stubborn and sometimes jerks a lot when traveling at constant speed. With a fast car-
Bahnfahrt the wind protection is convincing, the bench remains wonderfully suitable for touring even after tens of kilometers, and underneath there is a surprising amount of storage space. A second tripmaster would be great in the cockpit, and luggage hooks on the stern. Tight knee angles and stiff clutch interfere on tour ?? just like Ducati.

Daniel Lengwenus, tour guide at the MOTORRAD action team – MZ 1000 S ?? the German Ducati!

paul is 15 months. He loves noises. Especially those out
Motorcycle rear mufflers. At
He already has 19 different throttle grips sitting on the tank
turned. The MZ failed. Smog on the ear, I think. On the other hand, I am not uncomfortable with the clatter of the exhaust. The unsightly bump below 3000 rpm already. They have been messing around in Zschopau for ten years
this engine and are apparently still in the testing phase. My verdict: The chassis is super successful, but the engine setup urgently needs an update. And as for the sound, I’ll ask Paul again if he can speak.

MZ 1000 S: Interim long-distance test results

More comfortable handlebar stubs from MR Motorradtechnik fit almost every sport bike. They are 25 millimeters higher on the MZ. Price 219 euros, purchase: www.mr-motorradtechnik.de, phone 02252/8387999. OCT supplies matching, longer steel braided lines; www.octeam.de, phone 02251/970752. The two-in-one complete system from exhaust specialist Sepp Bruckschlogel is nine (!) Kilograms lighter than the original part. It has Kat, individual TÜV approval is possible. Information at www.sr-racing.de and phone 08252/905540.
The Touratech tank bag from the MZ factory accessories range is spacious and practical-
fair. It costs 165 euros and is clicked-
straps and Velcro fastened. Clutch pressure springs of the 2005 model reduce the manual force required; Set of 15 euros. The three centimeters higher window of the sister model MZ 1000 ST costs 50 euros. We advise against the complex attachment of the Krauser case set of the ST to an S.
there a new, reinforced rear frame ?? assembling it takes hours of patience.

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