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Long-term test news, Suzuki Bandit 1250 S, Suzuki GSX-R 1000, Vespa GTS 250

MOTORCYCLE endurance test: vehicle fleet

The good news first: The Suzuki family in the long-term test fleet has grown. It’s a bandit. 1250 cm³ in size and with cladding. Now the bad: On one of her first trips she got to know the rough reality. The disaster came from behind. It took its course in the form of an Austrian 5-series BMW, the driver of which simply overlooked colleague Schroter from the sister magazine PS, who was waiting for the green with the Bandit 1250 S. Result: driver and machine on the ground, dented tank, scuffed exhaust, broken turn signals, driver okay. But bandits are tough, and so until the spare parts arrive, they roam the country with wallpapered indicators and scratches. Not a very good start to the endurance test.

The Honda CBF 1000 has now reached its end. The endurance runner was already dismantled on the dissection table in the MOTORRAD workshop. And with the Suzuki GSX-R 1000, the next candidate for the slaughter is already on hold. With almost 45,000 kilometers, your engine continues to impress. Even if its cold start behavior could be smoother. And while the Yamaha YZF-R1 was taking part in the Alpine Masters, a Suzuki was allowed into the workshop. However, to a scheduled stop. After just ten months, the M 1800 R has to undergo a 24000 inspection.

Not so much because of kilometer consumption and more because of the need for spare parts Vespa GTS 250 attracts attention. It is now known that the manifold seal is required every time a wheel is changed due to the necessary exhaust dismantling. But obviously the seals have a short life due to the high temperatures even without changing a wheel. In addition, the speedometer shaft broke. And the boom of the side stand bent over time, which gave it ground contact when it was tilted until it was finally worn off. In the meantime, the BMW F 800 S is getting an update of the injection mapping after it recently ran out frequently while stationary.

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