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Driving report Buell 1125 CR

The second trick

The 1125 R, trimmed for racing, was the first Buell with a water-cooled engine. Now Erik Buell is following her with the 1125 CR, the second model with the V2 developed and built by Rotax.

"I’ve always wanted to build a machine like this. Strong, sporty, technically up to date ?? and undisguised. A modern version of the Cafe Racer. Nothing trimmed retro". Erik Buell’s eyes light up when he talks about the 1125 CR. "Man, that’s how we built our Cafe Racer back then. A strong, up-to-date bike, everything unnecessary and a deep handlebar screwed in."

Logically, only the Racer Buell 1125 R came into question as a basis. Deprived of the lush, sweeping disguise, but a tight ?? admittedly strong tasting of Suzuki B-King ?? Lamp mask enriched. The CR is not bad at all. The hit, however, is the matt black M handlebar. Exactly a part that made armies of Kreidler Florett and Hercules Ultra pocket racers back in time. The handlebars enable the 1125 CR pilot to sit in a position that doesn’t require an extreme kosher and is somewhere between sporty and casual. Reaching the wide, far forward handlebar ends almost feels like grabbing a bull by the horns. And as if you were crouching directly over the front axle. It sounds like getting used to, but even in the rush hour in Berlin, through which the first kilometers of the test tour led, it only takes a short time to get used to it.

There are no surprises on the frame side, after all, both the chassis and the fully adjustable spring elements come one-to-one from the 1125 R. In practice, this means that a well-coordinated upside-down fork at the front with great dedication filters out the inadequacies of the road surface and with it its fine response works comfortably even on cobblestones. The shock absorber, directly articulated without deflection and also fully adjustable, works a bit more shirt-sleeved on patches and edges, however, without being vicious on heels. In terms of driving behavior, the CR is also a typical Buell. Righting moment when braking is part of everyday life, and of course there are more manageable and more neutral bikes. Like the 1125 R, the 1125 CR wants to be brought on course with clear announcements on the handlebars, but its maneuverability in alternating curves is definitely okay. But Buell have never been mainstream anyway.

Equipment and technology

The CR gains in maneuverability as soon as it is equipped with the optional higher and wider handlebars. On the one hand. On the other hand, the upright sitting posture does not really harmonize with the handlebars placed close to the driver and the high footrests. Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste. But let’s be honest, such an M handlebar is cool, a little slanted on top of that? and a cafe racer with high handlebars? No, Cafe Racer, that is, bent over waiting for the wind. So far are the differences to the "R." so manageable. One floor below, in the engine room, much more has happened. Not at the top performance. This is still more than sufficient with 148 hp and moves the 1125 CR into the circle of the strongest Nakeds in the spirit of Erik Buell.

But on the one hand, the technicians made the final translation clear, namely eight percent shorter. Which at the same time required a longer swing arm that provides ten millimeters more wheelbase. On the other hand, the ignition and injection mapping have been thoroughly revised, new injection nozzles now atomize the fuel and the lambda probe has been placed further away from the engine. All measures to curb the thirst of the twin and to teach him better manners. The former could not be checked on this day of driving, but the matter of the manners was successful, you can feel it during the first few kilometers. By the way, owners of a 1125 R can have the new mapping installed at the dealer, which according to Buell should already bring a 90 percent improvement.

When the V2 heart beats


Strong, sporty, technically up to date and undisguised: Buell 1125 CR.

The cold V2 wakes up spontaneously, albeit briefly at 3000 rpm. Thanks to three balance shafts, vibrations are not really an issue. In addition, the twin depends very directly on the gas. Small gas blast and ?? vrrooap ?? the Buell bounces off. Above all, the annoying constant speed jolts, for which the 1125 R was still scolded, is practically eliminated. From around 2800 rpm, it goes forward smoothly. Once you’ve gotten rid of the shackles of the big city, most things can be done in sixth gear. A turn of the right hand is all it takes at around 75 km / h, and the CR powers off with a lot of power. The shorter translation in connection with the new set-up help the Buell to achieve sovereign pressure and a strong center. Just as you would appreciate it on the country road. And that with the same temperament at high engine speeds, as some fast laps on the Spreewald-Ring show. The CR is certainly not necessarily intended for the racetrack, but this small track with many narrow corners and a fast, long one "Mini-Parabolica" clearly what the V2 can do.

In second gear, the CR snaps out of a slow right-hand bend, lifts the front wheel for a moment and even wags the handlebars a little. Even winding passages can easily be mastered in third due to the pulling power and the wide usable speed range. At the end of that fast right turn, the huge eight-piston caliper in the front wheel, fitted with newly tuned brake pads, shows that the brake system has gained both in bite and in controllability. However, a few fast laps also revealed that the damping of the upside-down fork under racing stress decreases somewhat as the temperature increases. But the part reacts very sensitively to setup changes, and the set-up is consistently suitable for a sporty pace on the road. And for a cafe racer this is ultimately territory and benchmark. It is consequent and gratifying that the Buell 1125 CR has excellent soles with its Pirelli Diablo Corsa III. Just as Erik Buell imagines a modern cafe racer to be.



Changed pads help the brake system to be better controlled.

+ Performance abundantly available
+ Very powerful draft
+ Brake well controllable
+ Clutch with anti-hopping function

– Negligible wind protection
– Handling average
– Fans run almost permanently

Data Buell 1125 CR


Water-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 72-degree V-engine, transverse crankshaft, three balance shafts, four overhead, gear / chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, rocker arm, dry sump lubrication, injection, Ø 61 mm , controlled catalytic converter with secondary air system, Alternator 500 W, battery 12 V / 12 Ah, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, toothed belt.

Bore x stroke 103.0 x 67.5 mm
Cubic capacity 1125 cm³
Compression ratio 12.3: 1
Rated output 109.0 kW (148 hp) at 10,000 rpm
Max. Torque 111 Nm at 8000 rpm

landing gear
Bridge frame made of aluminum with integrated fuel tank, upside-down fork, Ø 47 mm, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, internal disc brake at the front, Ø 375 mm, Eight-piston fixed calipers, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, double-piston floating caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17

mass and weight
Wheelbase 1385 mm, steering head angle 69.0 degrees, caster 84 mm, spring travel f / r 120/127 mm, seat height 778 mm, empty weight 214 kg, tank capacity / reserve 20.1 / 3.0 liters.

Two year guarantee
Colors red, black
Price 11,599 euros
Additional costs 350 euros

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