GP de France – “To date the GP de France Moto 2020 is maintained”, assures the organizer –

"To this day the GP de France Moto 2020 is maintained", assures the organizer

GP de France - & quot; To this day the GP de France Moto 2020 is maintained & quot ;, ensures the organizer -

The French Motorcycle Grand Prix, scheduled for May 15 to 17 in Le Mans (72), is it threatened by the coronavirus? Can the French MotoGP event be canceled like that of Qatar or postponed like the GP of Thailand? ? MNC interviewed the promoter, Philibert Michy. Interview. 

 The French Moto GP was initially the sixth date in the after Qatar, Thailand, America, Argentina and Spain. But the development of the coronavirus decided otherwise: the first race was canceled and it postponed.

  • MNC of March 2, 2020:
  • MNC of March 2, 2020
  • MNC of March 1, 2020

MotoGP riders see their start of the season postponed for a month at the GP of the Americas, while Moto3 and Moto2 will face each other as planned in Qatar this weekend as everyone was already there after testing. At this stage, uncertainties still hang over the real kick-off date and the course of the upcoming races..

For the GP of the Americas, the spokesperson for the Circuit of the Americas interviewed by Site simply reminds that "for the moment, we are still on the calendar".

The Covid-19 – responsible to date for 85 deaths in Europe including 80 in Italy according to – calls into question all the events while imposing restrictions on travelers from countries at risk such as China, Italy, Iran and Korea. In France, all gatherings "of more than 5000 people in a confined environment" are prohibited. 

GP de France - & quot; To date the GP de France Moto 2020 is maintained & quot ;, ensures the organizer -

This delicate because unpredictable crisis is the cause of serial cancellations such as that of the Book Fair, the Paris half-marathon or the M. Pokora concert in Bercy. Even more worrying for fans of Fabio Quartararo and Johann Zarco: these measures could impact the French Moto GP scheduled for May 17 on the Le Mans circuit (72).

Contacted by MNC, the promoter of the French race, however, wants to be reassuring: the general manager of PHA-Michy assures us that "the Grand Prix de France is maintained to this day and no postponement or cancellation is considered 75 days from the start. ‘ordeal ", explains Philibert Michy, below alongside his sister Victoria (general manager) and his father Claude, founder of the family business in 1994. 

The Auvergne promoter remains however extremely attentive to the evolution of the situation in France and in the world, aware that the final decision to maintain or not the GP of France will depend on the orientations taken by the Ministry of Health and the prefecture. He explains it in our MNC interview.

Site: Have you received any directives from the Ministry of Health that may call into question the holding of the Grand Prix de France 2020 ? 

Philibert Michy, CEO of PHA-Michy : Today, no information to this effect has been communicated to us by the Ministry of Health or the prefecture. As the event is subject to prefectural authorization, it is at this level that it will be decided. To this day, the French Grand Prix is ​​maintained: no postponement or cancellation is considered 75 days before the event. In addition, the ban on gatherings of more than 5,000 people in France concerns events in confined spaces, which is not the case with the GP de France organized in open space.. 

We therefore have no reason to consider not maintaining the Grand Prix, especially as we are lucky to have a certain amount of time before May 17th. Like everyone else, however, we are monitoring the situation closely pending further developments. But to date, we are positive about maintaining the 2020 French Moto Grand Prix.

GP de France - & quot; To this day the GP de France Moto 2020 is maintained & quot ;, ensures the organizer -

M. N. C .: The Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), organizer of the 24H Motos du Mans, has just sent to the drivers and teams involved in the coronavirus: will you do the same with the competitors and MotoGP teams ?

P. M.: No, that’s not our role. We are in discussions and in constant contact with Dorna and IRTA (respectively promoter and association of Grand Prix teams) and they are the ones who deal directly with the teams. But for now, everyone is sort of on hold…

  • MNC of March 4, 2020 : The ACO is doing everything to maintain the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the face of the coronavirus 
  • MNC of March 3, 2020 : The Argentine GP will take place on April 19  

M. N. C .: If the coronavirus epidemic were to continue, do you consider alternative solutions for the GP of France? Postpone it to a later date or simply organize it behind closed doors, without spectators, in order to be able to broadcast it on TV, such as certain sports matches (in particular the Ligue 2 football match between Chambly and Le Mans, precisely, planned). Friday in the Oise) ?

P. M.: No postponement date is envisaged later in the season since the maintenance of the event is the order of the day! Regarding the organization of the Grand Prix behind closed doors, I have no answer for you at the moment.

M. N. C .: Have you noticed a drop in reservations since the appearance of the coronavirus? ?

P. M.: This has not impacted our sales, but all our stands are already full and we are at the end of our promotional price (until April 20, Editor’s note).  

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