Hepco Becker aluminum case Xceed

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Hepco Becker aluminum case Xceed



Hepco Becker aluminum case Xceed

Hepco aluminum case & Becker Xceed
New luggage series

The Xceed motorcycle cases from Hepco & Becker are made of 1.5 mm thick, hydroformed aluminum. Its external dimensions are 50 x 38 x 27 cm. They carry up to 10 kg payload; their own weight is 5.2 kg.

Manuel Fuchs


Hepco & Becker, known among other things for high-quality motorcycle luggage systems, doesn’t do things by halves. New ideas, new technologies and, of course, current design directions flowed into the development of the Xceed luggage series.

The anodized aluminum sheet, which is deep-drawn under water pressure, and the plastic parts of the Xceed are particularly robust. A glued-in special seal makes the aluminum case waterproof. The Hepco is loaded & Becker Xceed from above, whereby the lid can be opened or completely removed on each of the short sides.

A luggage net is integrated as standard on the inside of the lid. Lid locks and case locks are keyed alike and are of course also included in the scope of delivery.

The suitcase itself costs 369 euros; an additional inner pocket is available for 55 euros. A highlight of the extensive range of accessories is the trolley chassis for 99.50 euros, which can be stowed in a fabric bag (99 euros) on the case and converts the motorcycle case into a high-heeled Porsche in no time at all.

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