Hero Catalog 2017

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Hero Catalog 2017


Hero Catalog 2017

Hero Catalog 2017
378 pages of motorcycle clothing

The 2017 catalog of the motorcycle clothing brand Held is 378 pages long and can be ordered immediately.

Manuel Fuchs


A lot can be accommodated on 378 pages. The clothing manufacturer hero has decided to show more than just trendy pictures and shallow advertising texts in its current catalog. Rather, the technical innovations should be more clearly highlighted compared to the previous year and the information on the individual products should have more space and more depth.

In France, CE certification has become mandatory for motorcycle gloves. The 2017 Held catalog takes this legal situation into account and clearly identifies the CE-certified gloves.

Despite all the information overload, Held promises the usual for its 2017 catalog “Reading factor”. He can about that Hero website can be ordered free of charge.

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