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Instead of driving on asphalt and gravel, the Highland test machine covered a few thousand kilometers in the van. Small quirks and a stubbornly pressureless engine thwarted the test planned at this point.

Fascinating motorcycles are often characterized by one thing: they are not perfect, on the contrary, it is precisely the charming inadequacies that define their character. This is particularly true of the Highland, especially since every machine built at the current stage is more of a handcrafted one-off than a series machine.
On the one hand, the prototype impressed on the first ride (see MOTORRAD 3/1999) with powerful thrust and, for a two-cylinder enduro, amazing off-road handling, on the other hand, a lot of more or less small inadequacies were annoying even over the few kilometers. The first editions of the Highland suffered from heat build-up, slipping clutches, poor carburetor settings, heavy vibrations and so on and so forth. The Swedes wanted to fix all of this by the time the first series machines were delivered in January.
Well, in June, a handful of motorcycles have been delivered to the various German importers, but MOTORRAD still cannot provide a well-founded test. Although the two-cylinder enduro finally arrived just in time for a test in this issue via importer Bert von Zitzewitz, it still did not appear in the desired condition. Much of the processing turned out to be positive, but after a few dozen kilometers the fan, which was constantly running due to overheated cooling water, sucked the battery empty, so that the Outback had to return to the editorial garage in the van.
In the test bench measurement, the promised 76 smooth 16 hp were missing. In a night-and-fog operation, the machine was brought to the importer Zimmerer, who checked the weakened outback and replaced the ignition box. Without success, as a new performance measurement showed. More than 60 hp and 171 km / h top speed were not possible in the second attempt.
D.he cause of the performance deficit remains unexplained for the time being. It is very likely that defective ignition rotors have been installed. In this context, it seems puzzling how tests were carried out at other magazines in the last few weeks, because this is the error that all motorcycles delivered appear to have. Perhaps it can be explained by the fact that often no measurements were carried out and the testers were enchanted by the impressive torque. MOTORRAD readers who expect well-founded statements have to be patient for a while. The importers Zimmerer and Zitzewitz are currently looking for the missing PS. As soon as you find what you are looking for, a test will be delivered as soon as possible.

Highland 950 V2 Outback: Problems – Bert von Zitzewitz, one of three importers

»The previous machines did not meet our expectations?

The series run of the Highland creates some problems. Why are there still no machines for sale? A new supplier had to be found for the exhaust system at short notice, which resulted in a delay of around eight weeks. There were also changes that were specifically requested by the German importers. The machines delivered so far did not meet our expectations. But there is an agreement with Highland that all vehicles delivered will be upgraded free of charge. This ensures that every customer has a motorcycle that is up to date. Which target group is Highland targeting? The 950 V2 Outback is not a motorcycle for heating on German motorways. It is a motorcycle that really still corresponds to the term »Enduro«. This vehicle is in its element on small, winding roads and especially on gravel roads and in easy terrain. So far, everyone who has test driven the motorcycle has dismounted with shining eyes. Highland is a new name, who is behind it? Highland’s plant is located in Vrigstad in southern Sweden, the area is also called Highland. Behind it are the founder Mats Malmberg and former Husqvarna and Husaberg employees such as chief designer Urban Larsson. How is sales structured in Germany? So far there are three importers who look after the dealers in their defined areas. It should be ensured that the customer does not have to drive more than 150 kilometers to his dealer.

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