Höly-Kawasaki ER-6RR

Höly-Kawasaki ER-6RR

Höly-Kawasaki ER-6RR

Light as a feather and full of performance

A Kawasaki ER-6 with 98 hp? The Motorrad Höly team has taken on this task. And solved it with flying colors.

Light as a feather and yet full are terms that best describe the driving experience. The ER-6RR immediately converts every little pull on the handlebars into the desired movement.

Without resistance and purposefully. With precise, sinewy feedback and trust-building stability. You feel the road surface, you are perfectly networked with it, but at the same time you are comfortably shielded from its rigors. Managing Director Ronald Schnepf of Motorrad Höly in Schriesheim has prescribed a radical cure for the ER-6. With success.

And with a lot of effort. The steering head and swing arm bearings were exchanged for precision parts from the specialist Emil Schwarz. On the chassis side, a fully adjustable Wilbers shock absorber is used at the rear, while the Höly team uses an upside-down fork from the ZX-6R at the front. This combination works great. The spring elements respond extremely sensitively, dampen abundantly and are puncture-proof. But what should the race-ready chassis with around 72 hp do? Dieter Briese, Höly’s workshop boss and no stranger to the tuning scene, took on the two-cylinder. His goal: more power without losing a lot of power in the middle speed range ?? suitable for everyday use despite tuning.

Unique piece with approval


Black and white is beautiful: the Höly-Kawasaki ER-6RR.

The result of his measures can be seen or driven. Yes, even more: You can already guess it when idling. The parallel twin chugs like clockwork, grumbling wonderfully muffled and bursting with strength from the Akrapovic silencer. The positive impression solidifies when gasping: The 649 cubic twin strives towards the highest speeds with very little vibration. He is greedy and lively, never looks tough. It achieves its peak output of 98 hp at 10600 rpm. Noticeable here: the engine hangs perfectly on the gas and has power even at low speeds. Not quite as much as the standard version, though. With 50 Nm at 3000 rpm, it packs 20 Nm more onto the crankshaft. But 800 revolutions later the ER-6RR plays it on the wall in every respect.

And the TÜV? Schnepf is confident that the tuning can be entered. However, the Akrapovic racing pot had to give way to a quiet one. And the currently used ZX-10R throttle valve bodies, which provide ventilation for the ER6-RR, would also not be used in the street variant? this stripped-down, TÜV-compatible tuning configuration should activate around 92 hp and cost around 3400 euros. Tip from Meister Briese: If you want to tickle around four more horsepower from your ER-6 in no time at all, you only have to add a sports manifold from SR-Racing for 320 euros. Unfortunately the manifold is not legal. Höly’s ER-6RR is a unique piece that can be had for 10,000 euros. A good offer when you consider that in addition to the chassis, paintwork and engine tuning, additional parts are installed for 3340 euros. Further information: Telephone 06203/60610.


+ Soft and cultivated performance available
+ Chassis sensitive and puncture-proof
+ Weight only 184 kilograms ?? 19 slimmed down
+ Workmanship good, great details
+ Sitting position relaxed and comfortable

– Sound way too loud
– Circuit very hooked
– Rear brake weak
– Speedometer difficult to read

Data Höly-Kawasaki ER-6RR


Beautiful face: the connection between the Yamaha MT03 headlight and the Aprilia Tuono windshield is good for the ER-6RR.

Water-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 83 x 60 mm, displacement 649 cm³, compression 13.8: 1 (11.3: 1), rated output 98 hp at 10600 rpm (72 hp at 8500 rpm), 71 Nm at 8300 rpm (66 Nm at 7000 rpm) pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft finely balanced, sharp camshafts, Dynojet Power and Ignition Commander, inlet, exhaust channels and combustion chamber optimized, SR racing manifold, Akrapovic hexagonal silencer, enlarged airbox , Racing air filter, ZX-10R intake manifold, Yamaha R6 radiator.

landing gear
Steel tubular frame, ZX-6R upside-down fork, Wilbers strut, both fully adjustable, Emil Schwarz precision bearings in the swing arm and steering head, ZX-10R radial brake calipers at the front, ABM Wave brake discs and brake caliper at the rear.

Spiegler fittings, Rizoma footrest system, Top Saddlery bench, Koso Tripmaster, ABM steel braided lines, Rizoma mirrors, Picco indicators, ABM handlebars.

Mileage **
0-100 km / h 3.5 sec (3.9 sec)
0-200 km / h 14.9 sec (26.0 sec)

60-100 km / h 5.1 sec (4.6 sec)
140-180 km / h 5.9 sec (6.7 sec)

* Values ​​in brackets: ER-6n; ** MOTORCYCLE measurements

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