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Honda CB 500 X 2019

Honda CB 500 X in the driving report

Mid-range adventure bike with a facelift

Honda has comprehensively modeled its half-liter CB 500 X adventure bike for 2019 – with a new design, improved wind protection, a new 19-inch front wheel and longer suspension travel. How does the new bike fare on the first test ride??

The Honda has been standing since 2013 C.B 500 X as an adventure bike at the side of its sporty sisters CB 500 F and CBR 500 R. For the 2019 model year, the X has now been comprehensively modeled. The refreshed version will celebrate its premiere at EICMA in Milan.

19-inch front wheel and more travel


The front wheel grew from 17 to 19 inches.

In terms of design, the 2019 Honda CB 500 X moves closer to the Africa Twin. The cladding, tank, radiator grilles and side panels have been redesigned. The new outfit should also reduce turbulence and improve wind protection. A narrower bench provides more freedom of movement. The seat height is 830 mm. An increased steering angle (by 3 to 38 degrees) should increase the maneuverability, the pilot grabs a new, butted handlebar.

The LCD cockpit has been upgraded to include a gear indicator and an adjustable shift recommendation.

The 41 mm telescopic fork increases the spring travel by 10 to 150 mm, the spring strut with a new damper from 118 to 135 mm. The front wheel grows by two inches in diameter. Honda has put 110/80 R19 tires on the now 19-inch rim. At the rear it remains with the tire in the dimension 160/60-R17. The brake system with wave brake disks (front with 310 mm and rear with 240 mm) is of course combined with ABS.

More torque in the middle

Although the 500 cm³ two-cylinder continues to produce A2-compatible 48 hp and 43 Nm, it has been designed to be more torque-intensive – Honda promises 4% – thanks to modifications on the inlet and outlet side as well as the valve timing in the middle speed range. A new exhaust system also contributes to this. The CB 500 X is also equipped with a new anti-hopping clutch. The turn signals now also shine with LED technology.

The new Honda CB 500 X will be available in the three color variants Grand Prix Red, Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic and Pearl Metalloid White.

Impressions from the first exit

The most extensively revised version of the CB 500 family also shines in action. Because we were able to test the X on the spectacular volcanic island of Tenerife both on asphalt and in the not so light gravel and dust.


The CB 500 X also cuts a fine figure off-road.

On paved roads, the X turns out to be the most harmonious and universal model variant of the Triumvirate. Significantly higher handlebars, a better overview thanks to the higher seating position, 19 inch front wheel and longer suspension travel: the usual travel enduro program also helps in this case to more control, easier handling, and less nervousness. You can’t get around the corner so quickly on any of the other two motorcycles. A well-known effect in this genre. The easy-to-handle engine also helps. Here, too, there is a usable pressure of 2,000 to 9,000 tours, which can be tapped a tad more gently than with F and R..

Also on the road well off-road

The off-road performance is surprising. Not only light gravel, but also light stick and stone are loose in it. Just like that or other short rear wheel drift, which is easy to catch again, as is typical of the family.


The new CB 500 X costs 6,990 euros.

The lightweight coupling, which is suitable for small children, is a blessing when driving while standing, the chassis easily accommodates small potholes and the motor also provides enough lard and flywheel to scramble deep down.

But here, too, there are of course limits: At around 1.80 meters, the handlebars could be placed a little higher and further forward while standing, the throttle response could be a little gentler for the sandpit and excessively deep distortions should be avoided, the extended ones are also sufficient Spring travel not. The CB 500 X is now available in stores and costs 6,990 euros including ancillary costs.

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