Honda Forza 125 in the driving report

Honda Forza 125 in the driving report

High-end scooter

While the invention of the egg-laying woolly milk sow is still a long way off in the animal world, at least in the field of eight-liter scooters in the form of the Honda Forza 125 one has come a big step closer to achieving this goal.

The high-end Honda scooter, specially developed for the European market and produced in Atessa / Italy F.orza 125 is the result of extensive market studies and extensive use of brain fat. This was because conflicting factors such as a compact body, proper wind protection and plenty of space for crew and luggage were required. Furthermore, the driving performance should belong to the best in its class and the consumption to the lowest.

Honda Forza 125 in the driving report

High-end scooter

Honda speaks of a consumption of just over two liters

Despite its compact dimensions, even taller contemporaries sit very comfortably on the scooter and have plenty of space for the legs. In front of you is a dashboard that almost brings tears of joy to the eyes of fans of analog arrangements and yet is not stingy with information, above it a pane that can be adjusted in six positions without tools. Underneath, in the cladding, there are small storage compartments with a mandatory socket. Luggage with a volume of up to 48 liters has a dry place under the tightly padded bench. The new engine of the Honda Forza 125 has found its home one floor below. Thanks to extensive detailed work, the four-valve engine is said to have become more economical and more powerful than its predecessor while maintaining the same specified performance. Honda speaks of a consumption of just over two liters.

Thanks to technical tricks such as the water cooler mounted directly on the engine or the alternator, which also functions as an electric starter, the drive could be kept small and light. It is clear from the very first few meters that the engineers have done their homework. As far as it can, the Forza dashes quickly away from the traffic lights and snakes its way through the metal columns. On the way into the mountainous hinterland, the undercarriage shows its handy, neutral side and, thanks to sufficient air under the keel, shows no fear of lean angles. The ABS-assisted brake works with little manual force and without a large set-up torque. When driving back on the motorway, the Honda Forza 125 is unmoved even at top speed (downhill around 130 km / h). And so at the end of the lap it can be said that the Honda guys have achieved their self-imposed goals.

Technical data Honda Forza 125


The name of the Forza says it all, because it is a pleasure to hurry forward with it.

Honda Forza 125

Engine: Single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead, chain-driven camshaft, four valves, injection Ø 28 mm, regulated catalytic converter, stepless automatic belt system.

Bore x stroke: 52.4 x 57.9 mm
Displacement: 125 cm³
Rated output: 11.0 kW (15.0 hp) at 8750 rpm
Max. Torque: 12.5 Nm at 8250 rpm

Landing gear: Steel tubular frame, telescopic fork, Ø 33 mm, two spring struts, front disc brake, Ø 256 mm, double-piston floating caliper, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, partially integral brake system with ABS.

Cast aluminum wheels: 3.50 x 15; 4.00 x 14
Tire: 120 / 70-15; 140 / 70-14

measurements and weight: Wheelbase 1490 mm, steering head angle 63.5 degrees, caster k. A., seat height 780 mm, weight with a full tank * approx. 160 kg, load approx. 180 kg, tank capacity 11.5 liters.

Guarantee: two years
Colors: white / blue, gray, black / white, black / brown
Price / additional costs: 4705/185 euros

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