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Husqvarna four-stroke crosser 2019

Husqvarna four-stroke crosser (2019)

Update for FC 250, FC 350 and FC 450

Husqvarna has revised its four-stroke motocross models for the 2019 model year. The sports models benefit from the technology updates of the KTM sister models. We could already drive the new crossers.

And? What’s new for the 2019 season? Basically the Husqvarna crossers received FC 250, F.C 350 and FC 450 have the same innovations as the corresponding KTM crossers. A frame that is stiffer in the longitudinal direction, lower mounted radiator and a stronger starter battery are common to all four-stroke models.

US-style chassis setup

The Husqvarna technicians are obviously going their own way when it comes to setting up the chassis. High front, low rear – this is how the series huskies adopt the setup that is particularly popular in the USA. The main advantages of this, good traction and smooth straight-line stability, are also used by the blue and white crossers on the sandy test track. The FC models push out of the bends with pressure and precision, and remain stable on course thanks to deep waves. The dark side of the US style: On hard and smooth terrain, the huskies don’t turn as quickly as their orange sisters. No broken leg. With a slightly higher spring preload at the rear and the fork legs pushed further into the fork bridges, the Euro feeling can be restored to the huskies. Incidentally, the Austrians are the only manufacturer to stick to the air fork.

Brilliant engines

If the chassis tuning remains a matter of taste, the engines shine. The 250 unit traditionally sets the record in terms of top performance, the 350 unit continues to impress with its legendary universality. Only the 450 bolide surprised. Because anyone who suspects that the fat Husky with 63 hp peak power should be brushed for riot is wrong. First-class dosing and therefore great manageability pushes the powerhouse, pepped up for the 2019 season with a 500 grams (!) Lighter and 15 millimeters lower cylinder head. Even moderately experienced pilots are not overwhelmed by the Austrian Kraftmax. The 2019 Husqvarna four-stroke crossers are available at prices from 9,545 euros for the FC 250, from 9,895 euros for the FC 350 and from 10,195 euros for the FC 450.

Differences to KTM

  • Rear frame made of plastic-carbon mix (70% / 30%) instead of aluminum tubes
  • Clutch and brake pump from Magura instead of Brembo
  • Seat lower, seat height 10 mm lower
  • Handlebar flatter
  • FC 450 with five-speed gearbox (KTM: four gears)
  • Handguards as standard
  • Plastic cladding with a modified shape
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