Impression BMW R 80-7


Impression BMW R 80-7

Impression BMW R 80/7

Life is a great green pasture

About the delight in the normal, the power of reason, the fun of the practical, the blessings of German mechanical engineering and long spring travel. About the BMW R 80/7.

This is not the place to sound out the image potential of public transport. What is certain is that the BMW R. 80/7 is on a comparable level: Saturday night? Grand Prix of Germany? Biker meeting? Who is with his
Good boxer approaches sensational crowds and hopes for attention, he can come by tram right away.
Sunday morning. Slept great, everything was great, out into the morning mist, ready for heroism. Into the garage and the whole company disillusioned: the rubber cow will see
again not heroic at all.
In such moments it takes a certain size to accept this weakness. Perhaps even age wisdom, but after four rainy Grand Prix, two painfully unsuccessful heroic deeds and some not really hot Saturday nights on the one hand, but on the other hand 40,000 vacation kilometers and 7,500 bread rolls, the immovable certainty gradually matures that life is not Ducati after all. Or MV. Enstead more.
Small joys, for example: Among the most beautiful companions in life
with an R 80/7 your idle belongs. With the correct setting of the ignition and carburetors, a calming sequence of almost silence, bubbling, almost silence … That’s what machines sound like
promise eternal life. Real iron with oscillating weight fed up.

Being able to operate such machines correctly is a must
always to the outstanding proletarian virtues
heard. In silent appreciation of the physically working and skillful class, BMW therefore built into the R 80/7 as well
all their sisters from R 50/5 to R 100 RS have some pitfalls. who
that masters is at least suitable as a train driver. Start up
with extremely little gas and gently engaging clutch, because otherwise the centrifugal masses provoke an unaesthetic jolt forward. To switch from first to second gear silently, take a short break so that the engine speed can drop again. Flywheel, of course. Bad gear anyway.
The journeyman’s piece is called: noiseless, but quickly scaled down-
from third to second, but unfortunately only in switchbacks
necessary. If beginners succeed, there will either be one soon
Gear up your mind or skip the engine-
leader and will soon become head of development at BMW. Which still doesn’t mean that they can get from second to first gear without a blast.

The mass and meritorious work of these 50-
PS-BMW in the police service? by the way ?? the realization that not a single one of our friends and helpers is suitable as a train driver. However, the state ver-
ordered material test drives to be a thing of the past,
because the 80/7 only existed from 1977 to 1984. What a shame, because precisely these roughly presented operations in police green and white testify to their solid basic substance.
On the other hand, their brakes nowadays contradict the requirements of the state duty of care: excluded, innocent constables with these stoppers on the hunt for evil
to send. The front parts are called swivel caliper brakes, and somehow BMW was proud of them. Worse than most other systems, but different. Swiveling caliper brake! Almost as beautiful as Hofbrauhaus.
There are 1000 tricks you can use to improve these brakes. There is no room for that either. Improvements are aimed at the nature of old Bayern motorcycles, which are like life. That one has to take how it comes, how it comes, how it comes.
Because life doesn’t just take place in ballrooms, each one is similar
decently equipped 80/7 more of a pantry. Full of practical details, from heated grips to splash guards, from jack-up handles to luggage systems. The mockery of the gigantic tool compartment under the foldable and lockable bench is countless. My Japanese doesn’t need a tool, the buddies sneer to ask in the same breath whether there‘s still a little room
for her chain spray, this wonderful long one in the basement
Sofas on which even two full-grown Germanic peoples have no need for space.

An air pump also belongs under the stalls. As standard. This is never good for 2.0 bar, but at least it has become a form of proof of global independence. From workshops, from the ADAC protection letter and in general. The 24 liter tank and the 28 Ah battery support excessive self-sufficiency efforts even more effectively, which is why it should not be surprising that this mechanically extremely simple machine continues to stimulate greater adventures. And that’s why it’s clear here
reminds that she and her 750 predecessors were the legitimate ancestors of the XT 500 as an expedition vehicle.
In the meantime, time has turned every R 80/7 into an adventure par excellence. Anyone who wants to hurry away from fast moving mid-range sedans today needs a big heart. With longitudinal grooves in curves, for example, because then the once highly praised frame turns terribly. Or when digging into tight corners, because they
can touch down hard. When someone loses courage and the gas
Shut up, then she brutally fools him: the old Kardan cow slumps down and wedges her cylinder covers into the asphalt.
So before the apex of the curve, hit the gas so that the cardan torque lifts your buttocks. This is the limit, just different. Speeds between 3500 and 6000 rpm, if that’s going ahead
should. Nice to use the engine brake. Ah, how that slips. Go
but. Can be turned in great. Just don’t do gymnastics. Targeted.
Who dares and sensibly does the once obligatory Metzelersche
Has swapped the groove / block tire pairing for contemporary ones, he is allowed to polish the cylinder cover. Very careful, on level
Covering. And then the time overtook: Many manage this speed. On Ducati. On MV or Honda. A fast moving 80/7, however, shows work and empathy. From the loving effort to understand.

Nobody like that says much about that. Nobody reveals
his dearest and most secret joys voluntarily, right? Scratch the cylinder cover? Learn to understand a motorcycle? Even learn to hear: if it shakes while idling, it’s usually the ignition setting. If it shakes when starting up, it is usually the carburetor synchronization. Learning to see: Two to three millimeters of oil film around the cylinder feet are considered healthy, if there are more, the tie rods have to be tightened. Sometime. So simple, so wonderfully simple.
That always brings you the most beautiful moment
Spring: the huge buzz of battery charging, installation. Open the petrol taps, press the button. With a roar, the starter pinion slides into the teeth on the huge flywheel. The first
Cylinder comes, coughs out the oil, then the next one follows. No annoying fuss with clogged carburetors, drowned candles
or so. Never, really never. The acrid smoke dissipates, by
Abbock whistles the air out of the bellows of the fork, and
This noise alone justifies the 200 millimeter underdamped spring travel. Now the choke back. There he is again,
this calming idle. Gentle and strong. Life can go on.

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Impression BMW R 80-7

Impression BMW R 80/7
Life is a great green pasture

Technical data – BMW R 80/7

Engine: two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine, 797 cm3, bore x stroke 84.8 x 70.6 mm, Bing constant pressure carburetor, Ø 32 mm, output 37 kW (50 PS)
at 7250 rpm (55 hp on request and thanks to higher compression), torque 57 Nm at 5500 rpm. Chassis: Double loop frame made of tubular steel, telescopic fork at the front, two-arm swing arm with two spring struts at the rear, disc brake with swiveling caliper at the front (double disc brake on request), drum brake at the rear, wire-spoke wheels, 19 inches at the front / 18 inches at the rear. Empty weight (with tools) 220 kg, wheelbase 1465 mm, seat height 820 mm. Driving performance: top speed 182 km / h, 0-100 km / h 6.4 sec. Construction period: 1977 to 1984. Price: 8990 marks (1980).

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