Impression Husqvarna Nox


Impression Husqvarna Nox

Impression Husqvarna Nox

The night wears black

From the beginning of 2001, Husqvarna brought only 300 copies of the Nox clad in deep black to the people. A commercially available Supermoto factory machine, peppered with tuning parts. MOTORRAD editor Gert Thole got hold of number 18 ?? and was amazed.

Pain is a relative perception. A broken collarbone, for example, feels relatively uncomfortable with nothing but a broken shoulder blade as a distraction. What I was able to feel in 1993 after my fellow editor Mayer in Dielheim urged me to switch from my 610 Husky to his KX 250: »I think the fork is not working properly, drive ?? you go for a round. ”How right you were again, Peter.
Four weeks later, however, the consequences of the injury suddenly disappeared, a case of spontaneous miracle healing, so to speak. As the? At that time I was allowed to test Jacky Martens’ works crosser in Teutschenthal, with which he won the world title a little later. For me as an old husky rider a dream, the highest, a sanctuary and the pain-relieving drug in general: titanium everywhere, lots of special parts, a real factory machine that a normal mortal cannot get for any money in the world. I would have bequeathed the house and yard to Jacky on the spot if he had given me the exclusive sports equipment.
The value of an item is also a relative matter. Especially when this item is simply not for sale. A motorcycle that Husqvarna announced as a commercially available factory machine at the end of 2000 appeared comparatively cheap. Moderate 10,000 euros plus tax should be limited to 300 pieces Nox, allegedly an exact replica of Boris Chambon’s Supermoto racing device. But everything that is for sale makes connoisseurs skeptical. Replica, we know that. Put a bit of carbon on top, garnished with a few nice attachments, plus
a bit of PR hype like sales via Inter-
net, and that bites for exclusivity and
Audiences who are hungry for individuality. Thanks I am not interested.
One thing you had to do with the Italians, however
let: An eye-catcher was the graceful, very
motorcycle dressed in black ?? Nox comes from Latin, means night ?? beautiful. Nevertheless, the replica sold rather slowly, some copies are said to be still standing today
in the showrooms of remote dealers. Not a single Nox found its way to MOTORRAD, obviously it didn’t even tear the die-hard Supermoto fans among the test editors from their stools. One should have taken a closer look back then, in October 2000 in Milan at the trade fair.
My lack of interest was also due to the fact that I had already ended my supermoto racing career and romped around with crossers and enduros in the past. I only realized the true value of this exclusive jewel when a Supermoto comparison test reanimated old cross-driver passions in the middle of last year. Namely on a wonderful route ?? Oschersleben ?? Turn the whisk together with the experts in the industry. However, to my horror, the wild DM cracks took off three seconds per lap ?? I had been much closer to it before. One
Training equipment was needed for fun and ambition.
And a husky. What else?
While looking for the right pedestal, I soon came across an interesting internet advertisement: Husqvarna Nox, 1000 kilometers run, good condition. And the asking price was moderate. The spontaneous pick up the phone aroused curiosity: “I actually import classic American sledges, someone traded this strange motorcycle for a Cadillac.” Ha, he doesn’t even know what he’s got there, there may still be room for negotiation.
Two weeks later the Nox is in my garage. A bargain, bargained down another 750 euros. Slightly damaged after a slip by the overwhelmed previous owner, but otherwise almost as good as new. Number 18 out of 300, just like I did at the fair in autumn 2000
had seen. Only the great aluminum tank of the prototype is
not assembled, Husqvarna never delivered it in small series. Now first of all check out what is really hidden under the tight-fitting, little black dress. The more parts I unscrew, the more my eyes run over. It’s unbelievable what Husqvarna has built into the Nox, without even one syllable of it in detail
to have mentioned. Titanium and carbon fiber everywhere. Even in the dark, where you can’t see it at first glance.
The engine, for example, is bursting with special parts: higher
compressing piston, different ignition and camshaft, closely spaced racing gear. And the case is made of magnesium.
In fact, everything like the factory machine, so the Italians hadn’t exaggerated. A dream. I screw for days and nights, take the Nox apart completely. Just to hold all the precious parts in your hand. My heart is beating that
Fingers slide over the fine weld beads of the Poggipolini frame rear ?? made of titanium, of course. Complete madness. Hardly lighter than the original aluminum tail, but in terms of workmanship it is of the finest quality. The Italians even thought of a removable strut for faster removal of the shock absorber. Just like on the 1993 Jacky Martens cross machine.
Hello heart, take it easy now. Let’s turn our minds on: even viewed objectively, the Nox was actually a real special offer,
a gem at a bargain price. Even the basic version, an SMR 570, cost almost 8,000 euros three years ago. Would you like all the special and tuning parts? as far as she gets at all-
are you? buy, the costs exceeded the required
11.6 mille by far. And there were all the parts that could be approved for romping around on the street, too. It’s a shame that most of the Nox collectors’ items collect dust in some garages. Because the devices are simply too good to stand around, they have to be moved.
Two weeks after the complete dissection, my Nox is reassembled. I go to the nearest kart track for a little test drive, a bumpy, narrow slope. One or two kicks, the Nox shoots out of the open Arrow titanium damper ?? the legal street exhaust was also included?
to himself. After a few laps, the Michelin slicks are on
Temperature. Just crazy how easy and precise it is
Hurling 110 kilograms of light Nox around the curves. The engine should produce around 70 hp, vibrates really robust. It inspires less through sheer force than through its fine throttle response and the incredibly wide usable speed range. The racing gear is on the tight
Slope just right, the aisles would be too close together on the road. The fun is almost limitless, I’m grinning from ear to ear. Even if the drifts don’t quite work out as they did in the best of times. Which is definitely not due to the machine.
I was allowed to keep the house and yard, proud
Nevertheless, I am now the owner of a “factory” Husky. So now it’s time to practice, practice, practice. I bet that the next time I do a Supermoto comparison, the pros won’t take three seconds away from me?

Technical data – Husqvarna Nox

Engine: water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, displacement 576 cm3, bore x stroke 98.0 x 76.4 mm, four valves, Keihin flat slide carburetor, Ø 39 mm, kick starter. Rated output: 48 kW (65 hp) at 8500 rpm. Chassis: single-loop frame
made of tubular steel, upside-down fork, Ø 45 mm, aluminum two-arm swing arm, central spring strut with lever system, front disc brake,
Ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed caliper, rear disc brake, Ø 220 mm, single-piston floating caliper. Wire spoke wheels front / rear 3.50 x 17 / 4.25 x 17. Chassis data: caster 70 mm, wheelbase 1485 mm, spring travel front / rear 260/290 mm. Weight with a full tank: 109 kg. Price: 11600 euros.

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