Impression Ural 750 Wolf and BMW R 1200 C.

Ural 750 print Wolf and BMW R 1200 C.

King of the Free udders

The world is crazy. Electronic boxes serve as pets, flying is sometimes cheaper than riding a bike, production of the BMW R 1200 C is being discontinued, and the only real chopper comes from Russia. And is a rubber cow.

It was a stupid question. Superfluous and pointless. Still I had to ask them.
The good guy was called Uwe. Have the last name ?? i never find out. He drove a self-built 48 Panhead
With apehanger and 165 mm slippers, 51 mm seat height. On his scratched jet helmet was a sticker: "support your big red machine". We cruised together for a day. Me we have BMW R 1200 C.,
he on his rigid-frame Harley. It was about the photo production for the story "30 Years of Easy Rider"
in MOTORRAD 23/1999. After twelve hours of friendship, or what I stupidly thought it was, we ended up facing each other, hands interlocked in a hard farewell grip. I looked up from the quaint Harley, looked behind my eyes
his sunglasses and asked: "How about we swap sometime?" Uwe drove off without a word. To this day, I have not found out whether the question annoyed him or was so indiscreet that he simply did
had to overhear it.
Maybe it was also my vehicle. In 1996, every third motorcycle newly registered in the world was a cruiser. The Bavarians smelled the morning air and wanted to eat a large piece of this cake. In May 1997, for example, BMW presented the
R 1200 C. A baroque trumpet of motorcycle. Dowsing rod as a handlebar, 1.65 meters wheelbase, six meters turning circle, 277 kilograms with a full tank. Angry tongues claimed that ten of them were due to the chrome. Indeed, the proud people from the edge of the Alps had been stingy with nothing. Bavaria’s dazzling interpretation of freedom hummed optionally with ABS support and housed the BMW boxer with the largest displacement of all time: 1170 cm3, around 100 Newton meters at 3000 tours, a full 61 hp rated power. The pompous thing, what to remove with an original chopper (from the English: to chop ??, so a
as puristic motorcycle as possible) had as much in common as a slide rule with a computer, hit like a bomb.
On the one hand with the scoffers. Those who stop at traffic lights
Laughs could hardly keep their feet on their feet or they exploded with mockery at motorcycle meeting places. On the other hand with around 40,000 people who considered the caricature of two-wheeled anarchy to be beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the independent, avant-garde or finally in the Montauk version? the 1200s didn’t show the slightest nakedness while driving and conquered the
Hearts of their buyers. In 2004, 1900 machines were sold worldwide. 650 of them
in Germany. Around 500 C models from the 2004 series-
Vintage should be sold off this year. The last copy marks the end of BMWs for the time being
Poaching in the area of ​​the flat steering head angle and commercial revolution. OK then. Because that can
others much better.
If a modern company ever succeeded,
the principles of chopping as radical as ever
possible to implement then Urals. In the winter of 1991/92 my buddy wool and I drove with us
a 1974 Ural M63 to Holland
to a motorcycle meeting. After around 270 icy kilometers, the left cylinder began to click. A hard, high-pitched sound. “No matter what it is,” prophesied Wool, “it will last to the destination.” He was right. And in the glow of the evening campfire pulled the cylinder from the piston, on which a ring had broken
was. Wool reached into his jacket pocket and presented
a reserve compression ring. "Every real Ural freak has it with him." He screwed up his left eye, looked carefully over the hanging connecting rod and attested that it had a curvature that was definitely not what the builder wanted. "The good thing about these machines is, "he went on, positioning the curved one
Component over the embers of the campfire, stuck a handlebar through
Connecting rod eye and straightened out the blemish "that you can really do everything on them yourself. "
The times have changed. The original character is not. Ural motorcycles can still be screwed by yourself
suitable, but the manufacturing quality has increased enormously. Urals is
You have no idea? A little digression: in 1939 five BMWs arrived
R 71 with sidecar through Swedish negotiators to Moscow. 10,000 motorcycles were copied down to the last detail and used in the Second World War. Until 1960, Ural produced motorcycles for the military and
Authorities, then production was turned over to civilian machines-
represents. Around 10,000 people were there before the collapse of the Soviet Union
employed at Urals. All components, from the light bulb to the
Crankshaft, were manufactured on site. The factory delivered more than three million two-wheelers between 1941 and 2004, up to 130,000 per
Year, on average more than 180 pieces per day. In 2001 the workforce was reduced to around 1200 workers. Production last year
totaled 2,800 bikes, 380 of which found fans in Europe. In the course of
of quality assurance and competitiveness, the Russians are now buying all over the world. There are mirrors on the Ural models,
Turn signals, switches, fork components and brake calipers from Italy as well as engine parts from Japanese manufacture. Despite this partially globalized
Production, the bikes remain truly unique. Motorcycles that attract attention. Always. And everywhere.
Shell-Tanke Kirchentellinsfurt, somewhere in the Swabian outback. A cold January Saturday hits us in the face with his fist, flat
the sun is in the south. We are Fanta-Rainer on a 750 Ural Wolf and the author on a BMW
R. 1200 C Montauk. The refueling process is adventurous. Gawking, sometimes interested people like that
not understand some things. First: Why does Harley build boxer engines now? Second, what museum did the Harley come from? Fanta-Rainer in need of explanation. Hard to believe, but the only real one
Chopper comes from Russia. Forward pegs,
Quilted bench, kick and electric starter. All cables, carburettors, air filters and electrics are easily accessible, two inviting choke levers. Tea idle: a thoroughly honest winter bubbling that is reminiscent of all BMW two-valve boxer generations that complete their first round runs after a sleek night.
Synchronous, silky smooth, deliberate. A mechanism is at work here that cannot be commanded or suppressed by electronic brownies. Sincere, transparent, always repairable under any circumstances.
In contrast to the R 1200 C. A metal-
mountains that seem like they want to keep the secrets of its mobility forever. Here are
only two things are important: the button for the electric starter and the ignition lock. In the event that something unforeseen occurs, it says: BMW ?? Bring me workshop. No matter. The power of the free road pulls us forward mercilessly. It purrs discreetly from the chrome-plated exhaust system. Body against the wind. Tire against asphalt. East against West.
It’s the puristic, the aura of the underdog, that makes this wolf likable. The apehanger is high, but not over-
is running. The forward control system is wide. Not a work of art.
Only functional. Without claim to perfectionism. The frame ??
the simple connection of all components. Black. Visible. Solid.
The conglomerate of solid mechanics, without any pomp, transfers the feeling to the driver. Fanta-Rainer’s mouth
Washes around an expression that means only one thing: that the whole world may lick his A … And that, although different from the Russian 50
PS assemble just 40 on the German test bench. Tea
rear struts could be replaced by two steel rods unnoticed. Or one would most likely suspect such a hooked transmission in a tractor, the components of which were matched to one another using a rough file. Motorcycling experience. It reaches 100 percent on the Wolf.
And has nothing in common with the Playstation driving experience of the R 1200 C. With a chubby windshield, four lamps reminiscent of a poorly lit Christmas tree, and an emotionally hypothermic engine, it was successfully attracting customers for eight years. Of course it has more power. More comfort. More chrome. More light. Or more valves. Even the 150 front tire tops the 130 rear tire of the Wolf. But it doesn’t have any more character.
It’s another evening when hands and me interlock
think of friendship. Dead silence ensnares us like hungry hyenas.
This time I won’t ask if we want to swap.

Impression Ural 750 Wolf and BMW R 1200 C.

King of Free udders

Technical data: BMW R 1200 C.

Engine: air / oil-cooled boxer engine, four valves, injection, G-Kat, five-speed gearbox, gimbal shaft, bore x stroke
101 x 73 mm, displacement 1170 cm3, output 45 kW (61 hp) at 5000 rpm, torque 98 Nm at 3000 rpm.
Chassis: load-bearing motor / transmission unit, telescopic fork, Ø 35 mm, single-sided swing arm, central spring strut, double disc brake at the front, Ø 305 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake at the rear, Ø 285 mm, double-piston floating caliper, composite brake, ABS, tires 150/80 ZR 16; 170/80 ZR 15, wheelbase 1641 mm, turning circle 6030 mm, spring travel f / r 144/100 mm, seat height 790 mm, weight with a full tank of 265 kg. Price: 25,328 euros

Technical data: Ural 750 Wolf

Engine: air-cooled boxer engine, two valves per cylinder, bumpers, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication,
Constant pressure carburetor, four-speed gearbox, gimbal. Bore x stroke 78 x 78 mm, displacement 745 cm3, power 37 kW
(50 HP) at 6500 / min, torque 52 Nm at 4000 / min. Chassis: double loop frame, telescopic fork, Ø 36 mm,
Two-joint swing arm, two spring struts, front disc brake, Ø 296 mm, four-piston floating caliper,
Rear drum brake, Ø 204 mm. Tires 90/90 x18; 130/90 x 16. wheelbase 1550 mm, turning circle 5800 mm,
Suspension travel f / h 180/80 mm, seat height 755 mm, weight with a full tank of 243 kg. Price: 5200 euros

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