In Singapore to get a driver’s license without an examiner

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In Singapore to get a driver's license without an examiner


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In Singapore, even without an examiner for a driver’s license

Without an examiner to the driver’s license
Singapore wants to conduct driving test without an examiner

Singapore wants to do the basic driving exercises for the practical motorcycle test without an examiner. The Intelligent Driving Circiut (IDC) is intended to replace the current test method with a human examiner.

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In this article:

  • Real exam without an examiner
  • Leaning and falling down
  • First two, then four wheels
  • Conclusion

Cameras and sensor systems should monitor the test and decide whether it was passed or not. A test phase was originally planned for 2021, but the tender for a corresponding system is only now being made by the responsible ministry. The test phase will therefore be delayed.

Real exam without an examiner

The ministry requires a system that recognizes and evaluates the precisely determined driving situations of the basic driving exercises via cameras and / or sensors on the motorcycle. This includes emergency braking maneuvers at certain speeds, the associated visual guidance or the contact of the body with the motorcycle itself. How the test subject brings the motorcycle to a standstill and how stable it is afterwards should also be part of the automated test, as well as the driving behavior on any wet surface . The correct use of both brakes, early disengagement before braking and the use of the engine brake should also be registered and evaluated by the IDC system.

In Singapore to get a driver's license without an examiner

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It should no longer look like this in Singapore: Instead of radio testers, cameras and sensors should monitor and evaluate the emergency braking behavior of the test object.

Leaning and falling down

A reason to fail is clearly falling from the motorcycle or otherwise falling over. Even inclines over 45 degrees should result in the immediate termination of the test with a negative result. The exact assessment of the individual driving sections is just as important to the automated system as the exact and comprehensible representation of the point allocation throughout the entire test.

In Singapore to get a driver's license without an examiner


Practical driving test 2021

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First two, then four wheels

So far Singapore is working on introducing the two-wheeler test of the local classes 2 (over 400 cubic), 2a (200 to 400 cubic) and 2b (up to 200 cubic) for the basic driving exercises on closed terrain. The second part of the practical test in public transport is then carried out as usual with an examiner. The Ministry decides whether to extend the system to cars or other four-wheelers after the successful introduction and experience with two-wheelers.

In Singapore to get a driver's license without an examiner


Candidates in Singapore take the first part of the practical driving test on such cordoned-off routes. The automated system for motorcycles will also be used here.

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An automated driver’s license test sounds interesting and is technically demanding. What Singapore is aiming for is questionable. It shouldn’t make the driver’s license any easier. Maybe that’s the plan: the city-state is one of the most expensive places in the world to register a vehicle anyway and there was a strict upper limit for new registrations until 2021.

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