In the studio: Honda CR 750 Daytona replica


In the studio: Honda CR 750 Daytona replica Sdun


Honda CR 750 Daytona replica

Motorcycle classic: Ready to Race

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She stands crouched in the studio, she willingly allows herself to be photographed. The Honda CR 750 Daytona replica is ready to take the plunge and ready to remind anyone of its glorious service in the US.


Honda CR 750 Daytona replica.

Our studio model lets the 15th.

Revived March 1970 when Dick Mann won the Daytona 200 Mile. After this success, Honda offered an extensive tuning kit for the CB 750 Four that same year. Revised engine and chassis components as well as a racing fairing transformed the still young street four-cylinder into a racing machine that came pretty close to the factory racer not only visually, but also in terms of performance.

However, the machine does not come from the Honda racing department, nor is it one of the equally rare kit models. Rather, it comes from the forge of BIKE SIDE in Durmersheim, which specializes in Japanese youngtimers. As early as 2006, owner Klaus Dony showed with the Kawasaki Z 1000 S1 Eddie Lawson replica that he has a weakness for racing history and that he goes to work with great meticulousness. Even the CR 750 Daytona replica can hardly be distinguished from the original at first glance. In 2006, at the four-hour race in Spa-Francorchamps, he had the opportunity to study a rare CR 750 in a restored condition. It took him around five years to collect all the facts and components. Bob Hansen, who was in charge of the Honda racing department in the USA at the time, was also able to give him a lot of valuable tips.


The result is a replica that largely corresponds to the factory racing machine from 1970: like the Smiths tachometer from the 1970s. Only the division of the dial differs from the original. The right angle drive was found used in Australia. Both have been carefully restored. In the USA Klaus Dony found old Keihin CR31 round slide carburetors. The engine and frame come from a CB 750 K2. Its creator attached particular importance to the engine structure: the displacement has been expanded to 760 cm³, in accordance with the 1970 regulations. The ducts and combustion chambers have been machined to optimize flow. The mixture flows through inlet valves one millimeter larger, which are opened by a Stage III WebCam camshaft. Their timing and stroke correspond to the original HRC cam. Carillo connecting rods move the specially made forged aluminum pistons. The primary and timing chain have been reinforced. The four-in-four exhaust system is handmade. Its two outer bends are – like back then – turned slightly inwards so that the narrow racing dress fits.

Instead of the CR 750 fork with titanium stanchions and double screwed axle clamps, the series fork with revised innards dampens the front. The front brake system also corresponds to the series, with a retrofitted right disc from the Honda accessories. At the back there is a faithful replica of the magnesium hub with a duplex drum. Klaus Dony had to do without the racing transmission of yore. These were only made for the factory racers and the racing kit. At first he left it with the series part. In the meantime he has found a gearbox from the English specialist Nowa that corresponds to the original specifications. A contactless battery ignition from Dynatec is responsible for the spark that ignites today, instead of a magneto ignition – also a concession to the reliability of modern racing technology.


Under her sports suit, she hides a CB 750 frame that has been elaborately modified according to historically verified facts.

Aluminum fuel and oil tanks are from English; Bump, cladding and seat cushions from German production. Ikon supplies the struts. He wants to build five machines, two have already been sold. And Klaus Dony is still working on improvements, currently he is experimenting with a modified timing chain tensioner that should last longer.

If you want to experience the spirit of Daytona, you can take part in classic races with this replica and feel like Dick Mann in 1972. Because: It is for sale. And: "ready to race".

Technical specifications


Swab, please: The redesigned Keihin CR31 round slide carburetors with swabs for mixture enrichment are authentic.

Honda CR 750 Daytona replica

Four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two valves per cylinder, bore 62 mm, stroke 63 mm, 760 cm³, compression 11.5: 1, approx. 80 hp, four Keihin CR31 round slide carburetors, oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, chain drive

landing gear:
Tubular steel frame, revised standard fork with progressive fork springs, two-arm swing arm at the rear, Ikon struts, double disc brakes at the front, magnesium duplex drum at the rear, tires front 2.15 x 18 WM3, rear 2.50 x 18 WM4, aluminum high-shoulder rims, weight approx. 180 kg, tank capacity 24 l

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