In the test: Honda Varadero 125

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In the test: Honda Varadero 125


In the test: Honda Varadero 125

In the test: Honda
Honda Varadero 125

The somewhat clumsy 125cc Honda has two instead of one cylinder to offer. Brisk sweeper or fat Vau?


Everything is relative. Compared to the large 1000 Varadero, the 125 naturally appears light and delicate. She works in her class Varadero 125 At just under 170 kilograms, on the other hand, it is full, but with the two-cylinder engine and the sophisticated chassis it is also quite grown-up. The cultivated running V2 has a full 15 HP, shows good manners and offers an even power development, but can only provide average lively performance in view of the tight weight of the whole load. After all, the consumption is usually within 3.5 to four liters / 100 kilometers. On the other hand, the qualities of the chassis and the space available are above average. Neatly working spring elements offer usable comfort and, together with the solid steel frame, guarantee the best driving stability.

Sitting upright behind the wide handlebars, the driver not only enjoys the very relaxed sitting posture, but also the light-footed handling. Even with a co-driver, who is also well accommodated, the driving behavior remains sovereign. The Varadero looks grown up and could certainly handle even more power. This also applies to the effective brakes, which could offer a more specific pressure point, but otherwise do not have to accept any criticism. Good light, good visibility in the mirrors, proper equipment (full cockpit, luggage rack) – the Honda leaves little to be desired and is suitable as a city runabout as well as a country road sweeper, even light off-road inserts are possible. The main point of criticism leads back to the headline: The price also appears doubled. At 5160 euros, it is twice as expensive as some of its 125cc competitors.

Short judgment


  • Smooth-running V2 engine
  • Relatively handy
  • Smooth throttle response, even power delivery
  • Comfortable, space for two
  • Sovereign chassis
  • Decent brakes


  • High weight
  • Moderate temper
  • High price
  • Flat windshield that tends to roar

Technical specifications

In the test: Honda Varadero 125


Easy to read: almost everything is there in the sober cockpit, except for a fuel gauge.

The data (factory information):
engine Two-cylinder four-stroke / V
Displacement 125 cc
Power transmission Five-speed gearbox / chain
perfomance 11 kW (15 PS) at 11,000 rpm
Max. Torque 10.4 Nm at 8500 rpm
Front brake Disc (Ø 276 mm)
rear brake Disc (Ø 220 mm)
Front tire 100 / 90-18
Rear tire 130 / 80-17
Suspension travel front / rear 132/150 mm
Tank capacity 17 liters, super
To dye Black silver
Maintenance intervals 6000 km
price 5160 euros (plus additional costs)

The measured values:
Top speed (Factory specification) 110 km / h
acceleration 0−80 km / h 12.0 sec
Draft 50-80 km / h 13.6 sec
Weight fully fueled 169 kg
Payload 180 kg
consumption Country road 3.8 l / 100 km


In the test: Honda Varadero 125


Well-styled: The Varadero design still looks fresh and modern today. Your appearance promises more than 125 cm³.

In the city:
The Honda is ideal as a city runabout. You don’t sit too high, you can enjoy a good view while sitting upright, also to the rear thanks to the wide mirror arms, and the V2 engine pulls gently but quickly away from the traffic lights. The clutch and gear shift work smoothly. Only the relatively high weight bothers. 

On the country road:
If the 15 hp in the city are enough for passable sprints, the V2 has to struggle hard for brisk country road speed. Almost 170 kilograms plus the driver want to be moved. Handiness, braking and driving behavior, however, are impeccable. The solid Varadero seems almost a little underchallenged with 15 hp.

On the highway:
With a lot of acceleration or a little tailwind, the promised 110 km / h can still be exceeded, but the 125 is not made for the motorway. Although the comfort (also for the passenger) is good, a little wind protection is offered and the range is generous thanks to the 17-liter tank.


A cultivated V2 with even, but not very lively performance development. A model boy with reasonable consumption.
(4 out of 5 stars)

landing gear:
The stable chassis with the sensitive, easy-to-swallow spring elements looks grown up and would also cope with more power.
(4 out of 5 stars)

The controllability of the decelerating, if not biting, brakes is okay. A crisper pressure point would be nice.
(4 out of 5 stars)

A classically designed, complete cockpit, a standard luggage rack, solid workmanship – that’s okay.
(3 out of 5 stars)

Lots of space for small and large drivers / passengers, a comfortable seat and posture, good suspension. What more do you want?
(5 out of 5 stars)

Suitable for beginners:
A good, uncomplicated, foolproof bike – a motorcycle could hardly be easier. On the other hand, it is lighter.
(5 out of 5 stars)

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