Indian Scout Bobber Newchurch Three by Wunderkind-Custom

Indian Scout Bobber Newchurch Three by Wunderkind-Custom.
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Indian Scout Bobber Newchurch Three

Conversion kit from Wunderkind-Custom

Wunderkind-Custom offers a conversion kit for the Indian Scout Bobber, with which the retro bike can be individualized and upgraded again.

For the “festival bike” of the Club of Newchurch (large annual summer meeting at Großvenediger / A), has this I.ndian Scout Bobber designed. Now the ABM Fahrzeugtechnik remodeling company offers the corresponding parts (apart from the somewhat strange looking half-disc wheel at the front) as individual accessories for the model.

Conversion components cost almost 5,000 euros

The biggest chunk is the rear conversion with a floating seat and integrated taillights for 1,549 euros. The forward footrest system (899 euros), the short belt cover (549 euros), the handlebar end mirrors, mini indicators and various covers also catch the eye. Wunderkind Custom offers a total of 17 accessories with which the Scout Bobber can be transformed into the so-called “Newchurch Three”.

The following components are required for the entire conversion:

  • Handlebar end mirror: from 79.90 euros (item number: 3594)
  • Handlebar ends for handlebar end mirrors: from 49.90 euros (item number: 4191)
  • Handlebar grips 22 mm (handle end open): from 109.00 euros (item number: 4184)
  • Open belt drive including belt cover (short): from 549.00 euros (item number: 4036)
  • Cover panel for water cooler: from 169.00 euros (item number: 4530)
  • Cover generator cover: from 89.90 euros (item number: 3946)
  • Cover end plug for fork tubes: from 69.90 euros (item number: 3407)
  • Cover rear wheel axle left & right: from 119.00 Euro (item number: 3947)
  • Sheet metal fenders for front wheel including mounting accessories: from 299.00 euros (item number: 4527)
  • Handlebar grips 22 mm with e-gas: from 119.00 euros (item number: 4184)
  • Clutch lever: from 139.00 euros (item number: 3426)
  • Cover strut screws: from 89.90 euros (item number: 3938)
  • Kit rear conversion: from 1,549 euros (item number: 4570)
  • Cover for fork tubes including LED mini indicators: from 189.00 euros (item number: 3410)
  • License plate holder: from 349.00 euros (item number: 3797)
  • Footrest system: from 899.00 euros (item number: 4731)
  • Cover for side reflectors: from 69.90 euros (item number: 3394)

All accessories are therefore € 4,938.40. Incidentally, a new Indian Scout Bobber is available from 14,690 euros in the 2020 model year. If you want to call a “Newchurch Three” your own, you have to make just under 20,000 euros.


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