Innovations: Erlkonig BMW K 1600 GTL

News: the paparazzo

BMW K 1600 GTL model 2016

+++ next version of the K 1600 caught +++ fairing new and "more open" than the current model +++ aerodynamic retouching in the test +++ new cases, new exhaust system +++

“But it won’t come in autumn.” That was the unanimous opinion of the MOTORRAD analysts when looking at the latest BMW Erlkonig photos; this time they show a K 1600. The cladding parts are still a little too rough for an early presentation and too much plastered with temporary additions. In comparison, the recently caught S 1000 XR already shows a perfect finish. The new K 1600 will probably not be officially presented for the 2016 season until autumn 2015. The predecessor would then be on the market for a full five years, with the exception of special models such as the Executive.

News: the paparazzo

BMW K 1600 GTL model 2016

K 1600 GTL with the mentioned style elements is adapted even more to American taste.

Five new models in autumn


From this perspective, the sloping line from the rear and the panniers can be clearly seen. The ends of the mighty exhaust pipes still look pretty raw, presumably they will be provided with six distinctive flutes in the series.

Against this hypothesis, one could argue that the top case and high pane were perhaps only installed for camouflage. On the other hand, the type of tests that the driver had completed before rolling in forehead of the photographer’s lens speaks against it. He was traveling for a long time on a stretch of motorway with no speed limit, most likely to test wind protection and driving stability at high speeds. You don’t run such tests with aerodynamic disasters like a top case on board if you leave them out later in the series.

With a major change, the BMW designers will not only meet American tastes, but also European ones: the new trim shows more of the magnificent BMW six-cylinder than the previous one. Only six chrome-plated and openly presented manifold pipes would be even more beautiful. Perhaps this splendor is reserved for an excavator variant.

Shortly before the editorial deadline, BMW announced that it would be presenting a total of five new models this autumn. MOTORRAD readers already know three of them: the S 1000 XR shown again below, the new S 1000 RR and the R 1200 R (also as a half-faired version) with a water-cooled boxer. And the F 800 R has only been subtly retouched since its debut in 2009.

BMW S 1000 XR

Soon on

The BMW S 1000 XR is almost finished.

It still lacks color, apart from that, the finish of the S 1000 XR has already reached series production. This machine is
the same as the one shown in MOTORRAD 18, this is revealed by the kink in the license plate. She was, however, from someone else
Photographers placed in a different place and time. Anyone who lives in the Munich area could already get a foretaste.

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