Intermot innovations: Ducati

Intermot innovations: Ducati

Model presentation: Ducati

Well mixed

She was one of the stars of INTERMOT, the new Scrambler. Because it does perfectly what others struggle with. It skilfully mixes old and new, function and tradition, on and off road. The Scrambler oozes charm, makes it easy for everyone with four model variants – and perfectly matches the zeitgeist.

JNow she is out of the mysterious yellow container. It was about time, because the slice by slice of the year began to drag on. But the wait was worth it. There has seldom been an entry-level or mid-range motorcycle that was able to move the masses like this. How come Above all, it seems to be the fascinating mix of styles that has a majority.

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Intermot innovations: Ducati

Model presentation: Ducati
Well mixed

Scrambler clearly states: “You don’t have to make an effort on me, you don’t have to prove it to anyone. Everything is very easy on me. ”That is a message that fits in with the times. The air-cooled engine, which used to be a monster engine, also goes with it. Now he’s scrambling.

The Scrambler – a bike for all occasions and all riders?

But the original single-cylinder form is no longer scrambled. Also proof of how much effort they put in with the new entry-level bike in Bologna: The 90-degree V2 now comes with 803 instead of the previous 796 cubic centimeters. A bore of 88 millimeters and a stroke of 66 millimeters should ensure a more uniform torque curve. The bottom line is 68 Newton meters of torque, which is achieved at 5750 / min, and 75 hp at 8250 / min. Performance fetishists are not upset. But it will be enough for the scrambler audience. What’s more: 75 HP doesn’t scare anyone, but it should easily be enough to give old motorcyclists a dash of dynamism. Mainly because the weight is also kept within a manageable range. 170 kilograms empty, 186 kilograms with a full tank – that’s manageable. From the engine, but also from the driver, because the new Scrambler will be easy to steer using the high, wide handlebars.

The steering head angle of the tubular space frame is also relatively steep at 66 degrees, the standpipe offset of 112 millimeters does the rest. In addition, the Scrambler lives on a slim foot at least at the front. 110/80 ZR 18 is a handy and neutral tire format, the rear skin is significantly wider with 180/55 ZR 17. But: The very moderate enduro profile of the Pirelli MT 60 RS, produced especially for the Scrambler, gives the whole thing a refreshingly rustic touch and fits seamlessly into the design that Ducati has dubbed “Post-Heritage”. A traditional round headlight with LED daytime running lights and a solitary round instrument set further accents. But the latter provides contemporary infotainment: digital tachometer in analogue style, two trip counters, fuel gauge with remaining range, ambient temperature – in this respect the Scrambler is just as up to date as the braking system. The latest generation of Bosch ABS reliably prevents the wheel from standing still. This is what it will take when the four-piston monoblock pliers from Brembo bite vehemently into the five millimeter thick and proud 330 millimeter large solo disc on the front wheel. The Scrambler – a bike for all occasions and all riders? Nearly. You shouldn’t have too long legs, because then the knee angle becomes very, very tight.

The “Icon”: an urban all-purpose device

Four variants should be in the displays of Ducati dealers from the end of January. The basis is the “Icon”, which is available in yellow and red. At 8390 euros it is the cheapest, while the other three will cost 9790 euros uniformly. For example the “Urban Enduro” in NATO green, which despite its earthy name has neither longer suspension travel (150 millimeters for all Scrambler variants) nor other tires. But wire-spoke wheels, an oil pan protection, a raised front fender and a grille protection in front of the headlight. In addition, fork protectors made of plastic and a handlebar cross brace as well as another seat cover – the urban all-purpose device is ready, which should also take a trip into the countryside.

The same applies in principle to the third and probably most robust variant, the “Full Throttle” in flat-track style: Matt black, with a black frame and black seat, it is above all the flatter handlebars that make them look more muscular. The short slip-on silencer from Termignoni, which is designed as a double tube, fits just as well as the short seat, the extremely tight front fender and the black tank side cover.

That leaves the Scrambler “Classic” for those part of the clientele who can best remember the historical single-cylinder model from the 1960s. With its metal fenders and the traditional license plate holder instead of the spring-loaded plate attached to the swing arm, it looks almost serious. The wire-spoke wheels are also reminiscent of the good old days. In addition, there is a brown imitation leather seat cover quilted in a diamond pattern and a black stripe based on the original in the middle of the tank, which incidentally holds 13.5 liters and is made of sheet steel on all Scrambler models.

Technical specifications

Ducati Scrambler Icon: Two-cylinder 90-degree V-engine, 803 cm³, 55 kW (75 PS) at 8250 / min, 68 Nm at 5750 / min, steel space frame, upside-down fork, spring travel front / rear 150/150 mm, Disc brake front / rear, Ø 330/245 mm, front tires 110/80 ZR 18, rear 180/55 ZR 17, seat height 790 mm, tank capacity 13.5 liters, weight with a full tank 186 kg, price Icon 8390 euros (the three other models 9790 euros each).

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