Kawasaki J 300 Special Edition in the driving report

Kawasaki J 300 Special Edition in the driving report

Resharpened Kymco Downtown 300i

The Kymco Downtown 300i serves as the basis for the Kawasaki J 300. However, sharpened: the look, seating position and the spring elements have been modified. We have already driven it.

No, they didn’t just stick their emblem on a non-brand vehicle as they did with the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and use it as a Kawasaki sold. This time they really touched the Kymco Downtown 300i, which is a big player in the world of scooters, and sharpened it in a typical Kawa way: optics, seating position and, above all, the spring elements have been modified.

Kawasaki J 300 Special Edition in the driving report

Resharpened Kymco Downtown 300i

Track stable and safe behavior

In this way, Kawasaki did everything right with the Kawasaki J 300 – the first scooter in the company’s history. The performance of the Kymco single-cylinder with 28 hp meets the sporty demands of the Kawa developers, but the look had to be adapted to the brand-typical design language. With their experience, the Kawa engineers dedicated themselves to suspension elements and seating comfort.

And here the Greens have made a difference. The spring elements respond surprisingly well, even potholes and bumps are ironed away cleanly for scooter conditions. Extremely handy, the new one whizzes through the city and across the country. Only when the driver really wants to be sporty does the tubular steel frame concept and the chassis with the high unsprung masses reach their limits, and the Kawasaki J 300 begins to oscillate easily in undulating curves. Up to a gait that could be described as “dynamic cruising”, the scooter is pleasantly noticeable due to its stable and safe behavior.


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Kawasaki J 300 unfortunately without a parking brake

The braking system also underpins the mostly mature impression. Both levers are adjustable, the stoppers are easy to adjust, and even with hard braking maneuvers, the Kawasaki J 300, held in check by a Bosch ABS, stays on course and can be decelerated with pinpoint accuracy. The Maxxis tires, however, tarnish the picture, they fail with moderate self-damping and are sensitive to moisture. The lack of a parking brake is also negative, the scooter can hardly be parked on a sloping street. The last drawback: the weather protection is mediocre in the standard condition, but can be improved via the accessories program.

Most of the other details are convincing: the powerful engine runs cultivated and can be accelerated without load changes, the variator distributes the torque appropriately, the seat is perceived as comfortable, but not too soft. In contrast to the sporty look, the Kawasaki J 300 does not sit very actively. The luggage compartment under the bench swallows a helmet and a small amount of shopping, but the storage space can be expanded using various top cases. Gaps, workmanship and screw connections are clean, this is where the routine of the Kymco team, which screws the scooter together in Taiwan according to Kawasaki specifications, is evident.

Conclusion: The sporty image of Kawasaki is not redeemed with this scooter, but it offers an interesting alternative for Kawa fans when it comes to conquering urban mobility concepts.

Technical specifications

Engine: Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead, chain-driven camshaft, four valves, rocker arm, wet sump lubrication, Ø 34 mm, alternator 350 W, battery 12 V / 10 Ah, centrifugal clutch, stepless automatic belt , toothed belt, secondary ratio 16:43.

Bore x stroke: 72.7 x 72.0 mm

Displacement: 299 cm³

Rated output: 20.3 kW (28 hp) at 7750 rpm

Max. Torque: 28 Nm at 6250 rpm

Landing gear: Tubular frame made of steel, telescopic fork, Ø 37 mm, drive unit swing arm made of aluminum, two spring struts, adjustable spring base, front disc brake, Ø 260 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, double-piston floating caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels: 3.00 x 14; 4.00 x 13

Dimensions + weight: Wheelbase 1555 mm, steering head angle 62.0 degrees, caster 113 mm, spring travel f / h 110/100 mm, seat height 775 mm, weight with a full tank 191 kg (manufacturer information), tank capacity / reserve 13.0 / 2.4 liters.

Guarantee: two years

Colors: black / green

Price / additional costs: 5495 euros / around 180 euros

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