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LeanGP motorcycle simulator

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LeanGP motorcycle simulator

LeanGP motorcycle simulator
MotoGP for the living room

A Spanish startup is launching a new motorcycle driving simulator, LeanGP. Racing games can be controlled on a real motorcycle chassis.

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Gone are the days when computer games were only operated using a controller or joystick. There are already numerous steering wheels, seat consoles, pedal and switch boxes for car simulations in order to get the most realistic game experience possible. Anyone who drives a virtual motorcycle also wants to feel inclined positions. Until now, this was only possible on extremely expensive and large simulators. This is where the new LeanGP control unit comes in.

LeanGP motorcycle simulator


LeanGP: ride a motorcycle in your own living room.

The simulation is controlled here realistically on one “real” Motorbike – at least on a rudimentary one: LeanGP relies on a real frame with tank and seat unit as well as a fork fragment with steering stubs. The whole element is mounted in a central warehouse on a stable footrest. Accelerator, brake, clutch and gear shift are controlled like on a real motorcycle. There are also real inclines and an absolutely realistic seating position. If you want, you can customize your module with additional accessories and adapt it to your personal needs with various options.

LeanGP should be compatible with the PlayStation, the XBox and PC games as well as all common VR glasses. The complete LeanGP unit weighs only 40 kg and is extremely compact with a length of 1.20 meters, width and height of only 0.7 meters each. The stand can also be folded up to save space.

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LeanGP costs from 1,200 euros

The Spanish startup had collected money for series production through crowdfunding. The targeted 20,000 euros were already reached after two days. Shortly before the end of the fundraising campaign, the account balance is already over 44,000 euros. The market launch for LeanGP in May 2018 is therefore assured. First of all, of course, all those who have participated in the crowdfunding are served. All other customers can purchase the LeanGP from the beginning of 2019 at a price of around 1,200 euros.

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