Limited Edition: LSL-Kawasaki W 800 TR Flat Track


Limited Edition: LSL-Kawasaki W 800 TR Flat Track

Limited Edition: LSL-Kawasaki W 800 TR Flat Track

Retro bike LSL-Kawasaki W 800 TR Flat Track

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Visually a treat, a lot of fun when mounted, drove the crackling deceleration. The LSL-Kawasaki W 800 TR Flat Track has its own charms.

The trend can be clearly identified, also in this country. Trackers are hard to come by. Somehow that ’70s Steve McQueen feeling is blossoming again. "On any Sunday" sends his regards. The warm summer wind whistles around your nose, a fine Stones song brushes your brain, the jacket is half open, jeans, boots – and then this mat. Hey, is that cool! Even convinced racers stop and be amazed, cannot escape the charm of the concept, which somehow feeds on opposites:

D.he flat silhouette contrasts with the high and wide-reaching wheelbarrow handlebar, the gleaming white tank against the black 18-inch wheels. The brightly polished, towering upright shaft motor releases its exhaust gases into narrow, black manifolds, which end in hardly thicker silencers. All clear lines, no frills. The Motogadget round instrument with its classic white dial and minimalist control LEDs alone is a work of art. It is hidden behind the small lamp mask that skilfully quotes the start number plate of a real dirt tracker.

Clear announcement: the cockpit is dominated by elegant minimalism on the CNC-milled fork bridge.

And other details catch your eye. For example the elaborately milled fork bridge. With some other details you can certainly argue about taste or, better, about the cite safety of the cool 70s, to which the high-tech levers and the elaborate footrest system don’t quite fit – here you can save significantly on conversion costs. But they are always highly functional and the builder LSL understandably likes to show what you earn your money with.

Mastermind Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler put the appropriate driving experience into the cradle of the tracker based on a Kawasaki W 800 with great effort. To do this, he swapped the original 19-inch wheels for 18-inch wheels, raised the rear to get the steering head angle to the tracker dimension of 64 degrees, and corrected the caster of the front wheel using the fork offset of the fork bridge he built . The result is impressive, because the LSL tracker not only burns itself into the retina, but also brings the wildest heater down into the resting heart rate zone.

The driving experience is inspiringly casual: a single swing and enjoyment. Anyway, it can’t be heated to the last groove. In addition, despite the Dynojet power commander and the secondary gear ratio shortened by one tooth on the pinion, the 800 is simply too good, the 55 hp is a bit poor. However, the twin is much more lively than the original, and the thrust from 1500 rpm with the clearly audible, but unobtrusive soundscape ensures relaxed fun. Tuning experts like Holy test the engine’s potential up to 70 hp – absolutely bring it on! Then this quarry appears on the right and the wild drifts of the film heroes like Gene Romero or Mert Lawwil "On any Sunday" haunt the mind’s eye. Let’s see how close the LSL tracker is to the originals…

It looks huge, the 800 parallel twin with vertical shaft. His 55 horses are just enough for easy cruising.

Of course, 55 horses don’t really knock you off your feet. But the calm, but still emphatic way in which the parallel twin pushes even at low revs goes perfectly with the casual concept.

Two-cylinder in-line engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 35 kW (48 HP) at 6500 rpm *, 60 Nm at 2500 rpm *, 773 cm3, bore / stroke: 77.0 / 83.0 mm, compression ratio: 8.4 : 1, ignition / injection system, 34 mm throttle valves, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, chain, G-Kat

landing gear
Tubular steel double loop frame, steering head angle: 64 degrees, caster: 106 mm, wheelbase: 1460 mm. Telescopic fork, Ø fork inner tube: 39 mm, double spring struts without deflection, adjustable in spring base, length and rebound damping, spring travel v./h .: 130/106 mm

Wheels and brakes
Wire spoke wheels, 2.5 x 18"/ 4.25 x 18", Front tires: 110/80 – 18, rear: 150/70 – 18. Tires: Pirelli Scorpion MT 90, 300 mm single disc brake with two-piston floating caliper at the front, 160 mm drum brake at the rear

Rear wheel power in last gear
37 kW (50 PS) at 150 km / h **

204 kg **

Base vehicle: 8190 euros
Conversion costs: 7,390 euros

(* Manufacturer information, ** PS measurement)

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