Limited Edition: Wunderlich-F 800 R


Limited Edition: Wunderlich-F 800 R

Limited Edition: Wunderlich – F 800 R

BMW conversion F 800 R

Content of

At Wunderlich, a courageous design student kissed an F 800 R. It then transformed – just not into a prince.

That’s one of the things about fairy tales. Somehow it’s always good versus bad, and in the end the noble and kind prevails. My God, if only everything was so easy. But in real life it isn’t. Which is why the project of an ambitious design student, a BMW F. 800 R zu – “retroize” can be compared to the ride of a brave knight against a nine-headed, fire-breathing dragon.

It was not that long ago in Sinzig, directly on the banks of Father Rhine. A young sorceress promised a gentleman with great goods the transformation of a rather humble looking, skinny nag into a shining horse. The kind Mr. Wunderlich agreed and put a BMW F 800 R at the feet of Pamela Baehr’s quick-change artist. He also granted her shelter in his workshops and assured her assistance. -Pamela went to work immediately, hurled spell after spell against the F 800 R, but this refused to “retrograde”.

Desperate and at the end of her abilities, the sorceress wept bitterly in her cell for days. She no longer liked the meager fare, the sun hid behind thick clouds.

Away with the standard rear light, with the “evil eye” at the rear.

Until one day this little, very blue frog appeared, sat down in front of her and asked her why she was crying so bitterly. Pamela was surprised, she had never seen a talking frog. But she opened her heart and complained to the frog of her suffering. He nodded understandingly, thought about it and finally said: “Okay, I’ve always wanted to transform myself into a motorcycle. The only thing you have to do is kiss me. ”-“ But you’re a Toxico Azureus, a blue poison dart frog, ”replied the sorceress. “Will I not die then?” – “No, trust me,” replied the frog. -Pamela took a heart, picked up the frog and kissed it.

Wunderlich BMW F 800 R.

A bang filled the room, the F 800 R actually transformed into a stunningly painted and uniquely styled design study. Cheap plastic parts had turned into carbon, the chunky muffler into a light titanium tube, and cheap standard dampers turned into a fork with Yamaha R6 cartridge inserts and an Ohlins shock absorber. But the crowning glory of creation is the new round headlight, which not only puts an end to the original “Karl-Dall-Blick”, but whose cladding also includes the cockpit, as a Munch Mammut did. And the moral of the story: not all frogs turn into princes. It is only important that you kiss it – because the world belongs to the brave, not to the hesitant. We bow to Wunderlich and especially to the designer Pamela Baehr.

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