Live chats – Dominique Cheraki (Ducati): for an Italian brand, the real international show is Milan – Occasions DUCATI

Dominique Cheraki (Ducati): for an Italian brand, the real international show is Milan

Live chats - Dominique Cheraki (Ducati): for an Italian brand, the true international show is Milan - Occasions DUCATI

Transcription of the chat that took place on October 1, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. live from the Site stand at the 2007 Mondial du 2 Roues: market, maintenance costs, Milan show… Dominique Cheraki, Ducati North Europe Director, answers your questions.

Question from Pierre-qui-roule: Hello Dominique. How is it that Ducati does not present anything new in 2008 ?
Dominique Cheraki, Ducati France. : Good morning all. To put it simply: the real international show, for an Italian brand, is the Milan show …. This does not mean that we will not have new 2008 products, it simply means that they will be presented in Milan beginning of November.

Question from Vortex: Hello Mr Cheraki, Ducati France will he finally like Ducati North America, take the reliability problems, I am thinking of the D4 rocker, in full guarantee rather than negotiating on a case by case basis and on the sly ?
D. C .: It’s been more than a year since we are modeled on US policy on this subject !

Question from bary: Ducati having stopped the multistrada 620, will we see another version, with, the 695 or the 800 cm3 … cordially.
D. C .: Interesting question … But it’s not in the boxes for the moment…

Question from Gwalarn: Hello. Isn’t it a bit of a shame to book the new Ducati products at the Milan show? Don’t you think you should offend the French public a little, who come en masse to the Paris Motor Show. There is only one month difference between the 2 shows so why? The French will therefore have to wait at least 6-12 months before being able to see and touch the novelties. Don’t you think it’s costing you market share? signed: a 748/996/998 design lover who is impatiently awaiting the 848 🙂 (for info I bought a cagiva mito 125 because I found the 749/999 too ugly)
D. C .: The real question is why we have a national show (Paris) positioned before an international show (Milan) … In the past, Milan was before Paris and all these questions did not arise !

Question from Sleop: Hello Mr. Cheraki. The SS range was sacrificed when it represented a very strong symbol in the history of Ducati. You only have to read the Ducatist forums in different countries to realize this. Instead, 4 “Sport Classic” models were launched in order to ride retro fashion. But were the development costs of such a specific and extensive range justified when true ducatists have never really felt concerned by this concept and these models could only capture a very versatile external clientele in the long term? And who really believed that those who were disappointed with the disappearance of the SS would turn to a Classic? Besides, isn’t their production chain at a standstill? ?
D. C .: It would take an hour to respond and I will gladly do so in an interview with Moto-Net, but it’s not really easy on a chat! Basically, you’re not wrong. The success of the SS was ensured by too few countries for this range to be continued internationally … France was the cheapest for the SS !

Question from monster: Does the merger of DUCATI & HARLEY DAVIDSON mentioned in the press seem possible to you in the future? What would be the benefit for your customers and for yourself ?
D. C .: Old information now out of date !

Question from xenalapatissiere: Mr. Cheraki, will a Ducati V4 remain a product for the rich only ?
D. C .: For now yes…

Question from monster: Is the disappearance of the SS definitive. In the near future will we see new models take up the torch ?
D. C .: Yes, the disappearance of the SS is final. And probably that no product will follow this product…

Question of popov33: Hello Mr Cheraki, I am a fan of the 1098. If I had the money, it would be sure that I would finally take it here is my question: is it like for the 999 and other versions the 1098 will have a more affordable little sister like the last 749 black edition was
D. C .: See you in Milan 🙂

Question from XXIIImesiecle: Hello, could you tell me why Ducati was not there 2 years ago? (I was disappointed…)
D. C .: 2 years ago, Ducati had nothing new so nothing to present … This year, with the Hypermotard, the Desmosedici RR and the title of world champion, we needed to meet our audience !

Question from Colargol: Hello, what will your titles in MotoGP change and the loss of the one in SBK? ?
D. C .: Not having the SBK title by starting with the 999 this year is not surprising. We stayed to make Bayliss run and ensure the transition with the arrival of the 1098. For the MotoGP title, it is first and foremost proof that dreams can come true. Then, probably our notoriety and our credibility in the motorcycle market will be greatly strengthened. !

Question from smokadonf: Will the Bayliss 1098 cubic 1200cc as allowed by the regulations? ?
D. C .: Yes !

Question from delphineetmarinette: Mr. Cheraki, are you like your colleagues from other brands a biker too? Thank you for your presence in any case and for coming to discuss with us poor lambdas bikers 🙂
D. C .: I had my first motorcycle at 16 with my license, a simple code (125 DTMX), then at 18 and 3 weeks the big cube license (one year before the car license) on a 750 Honda Four – classic, sorry me to be old guys! – and for your info I did my last race at the end of August 2007, finishing 3rd in the 4 valve category at the 600 Miles du Vigeant.

Monster Question: Can you confirm that the new Monster will be in Milan ?
D. C .: I really can’t say anything before Milan…

Question of monster: Without revealing the whole strategy, at what horizon does Ducati plan to renew the ST & Multistrada models which are (Monster aside) the oldest in the range. Thank you
D. C .: All I can tell you is we’re working on it…

Question from monster: Can we imagine following the success of the hypermotard, a variation in 695 or 848 ?
D. C .: Yes we can imagine if the success of the hypermotard concept settles in the years to come.

Question from REPSOL: Hello. DUCATI is putting the potential to win the title next year and does he intend to keep ?
D. C .: In your opinion, Repsol ???

Question from gege51: Hello Mr. Cheraki. Does the opinion of the French (you in general and us when we express ourselves like here) have a real influence in Italy? ?
D. C .: Yes, and more and more! Today, in a dynamic and modern society, we cannot ensure the development of products without having the opinion of the market, customers and all the players, in particular the dealers..

Question from sleop: If as you say the policy of Ducati France has changed with regard to the handling of D4 rocker problems (which I welcome for my French friends), has the same of DNE of which you are also the director ?
D. C .: Good question :-). The question has not arisen since I have been taking care of Ducati North Europe since November 2006, but I will keep you posted. !

I specify that if the case arises, the question will be treated in the same way.

Question from Cheramoi: Hello Dominique, what is your wildest dream regarding Ducati? (No. 1 in sales, podiums? other things?)
D. C .: Go to the West Indies in 10 years !

Question from monster: Fan of the brand, I regret the lack of choice in colors, a trend that is spreading more to the high end and the low end. Is there a marketing reason for this ?
D. C .: It is in fact a problem of critical mass: with relatively low volumes, we would pose problems to dealers by offering too wide a choice of colors. Unlike the automobile, we do not produce on demand the vehicles ordered but on "forecast planning".

Question from sleop: You are not unaware that the 2006 version of the ST3 has problems related to the installation of the lambda probe and that the network does not offer any solution to meet customer demand for a motorcycle that operates "normally", apart from the deactivation of the lambda sensor and the installation of a Ducatiperformance ECU. The motorcycles thus modified are therefore no longer in conformity with their homologation … Is a definitive solution really sought and why Ducati refuses to communicate openly on the problem ?
D. C .: We continue to work on this subject and as soon as we have more information, the dealers will communicate it to you..

Monster question: Triumph has the Rocket III and DUCATI? Is it a forbidden hunting ground ?
D. C .: Big cruisers are not compatible with our image.

Question from denis: Hello, will the 1098 be upgraded to 1200 in 2008 for SBK approval ?
D. C .: The 1098 R serving as the basis for SBK homologation will be in 1200 cc.

Question from jokari1: Hi Dominique! I want to tell you that you hit your ball! You have the answer to everything! Otherwise, do you enjoy talking to us ducatists (or not)? It’s nice this accessibility !
D. C .: So much the better! I also like this new exercise a lot !

Monster question: DUCATI has invested in reducing maintenance costs. Not to mention the 1098 / S4RS which are out of the game, the price difference remains significant with your competitors (Triumph in particular) and even more with the Japanese. Do you plan to continue this effort to attract a younger audience or with less purchasing power? ?
D. C .: We have reduced maintenance costs by around 50% since the arrival of the 695 in 2006 and we continue to work in this direction. Our goal is to continue on this path, to allow as many people as possible to join the Ducati family. !

D. C .: Thank you for all your questions and see you in Milan for more !

Collected live by Site readers

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