Live chats – Eiko Kirino (Kawasaki): a scooter will never leave Akashi factories! – Used KAWASAKI

Eiko Kirino (Kawasaki): a scooter will never leave Akashi factories !

Live chats - Eiko Kirino (Kawasaki): a scooter will never leave Akashi factories! - Used KAWASAKI

Transcription of the chat which took place on October 2, 2007 at 2:00 p.m. live from the Site stand at the 2007 Mondial du 2 Roues: his 2008 objectives, his passion for motorcycles, the Ninja 250… Eiko Kirino, Director of Kawasaki France, answered your questions.

Question from alex94: What is Kawasaki’s endurance program for next year and with which riders? Thank you.
Eiko Kirino – Kawasaki France: Hello. We will participate next year in Endurance, we are considering participation in the entire world championship but we will give priority to the French events: 24H Moto du Mans and Bol d’Or !

Question from Stephane: Ecology plays an important part in the products. When will your group release products that are ecologically "equivalent" to automotive standards and even launch hybrid-type products, accepting E95? ?
E.K. : We are currently doing a lot of tests and studies for ecology: Kawasaki Heavy Industries already has a lot of experience in this field! We have a study and research center based at the plant in Japan which helps us with new technologies. We have hybrid motorcycle projects, running on ethanol or biomass … In any case, they will be exclusively motorcycles: a scooter will never leave the Akashi factories. !!!

Question from aventuriermotar19: Why, given that now the abs is present on many machines and many brands, is it still an option when it is an appreciable and very useful security element! In any case, I congratulate kawa for having provided many of its models !
E.K. : This is very interesting for me because we are always discussing whether ABS should be optional or standard equipment … For now, I will say that it depends on the model: for example for the ER6, maybe be that it would be nice to have ABS as standard. But the ABS of the ER6 is completely different from that of other machines due to the operating constraints and the type of use that can be made of motorcycles. Indeed, we do not pilot a hypersport like a naked, so the braking operation is different depending on the model..

Question from Lucy: Hello Mrs Kirino. A more personal question if I may. How long have you lived in France? Was it a choice on your part or a "mandatory" transfer on the part of the factory? What do you like the most about France and what do you miss the most about Japan? Thank you !
E.K. : For 6 years ! The factory decided, as is usually the case in Japanese companies. At first, I only knew how to say "hello" and "baguette"! I miss nothing about Japan! I love France, everything is "more" in France …. What do I appreciate the most in France? The kitchen !

Question from PATOCHE: Very beautiful the ZZR1400, have you thought of reviewing the ZZR600. See even a beautiful 800 cc taking into account the small sizes which is unfortunately not the case at present ?
E.K. : For the ZZR600, if there are requests in Europe, why not! A ZZR 800 a priori is not planned, because the factory prefers the 600 and 750 engines! The 800 displacement would only be justified in hypersport. But it’s a bit complicated because the competition category is always 1000 cc … If you present an 800, you must also present a 1000 to participate in the Superbike.

Question of carat: Why Kawasaki does not make us a sport in 400 style 400ZXR and a light and powerful supermoto? ?
E.K. : Unfortunately, there is no real market for 400 cc sports cars. Before, when the Japanese market was bigger than now, we sold a lot of sports ZXR400s. But in other countries the market did not exist at all. As there are no 400 cc categories in competition, this is not necessarily necessary at the moment. For the supermotard, I have doubts about the market, the quantities at world level may be too low.

Question from kyfun: Hello. I am a biker in town in a Honda CB 500, and your future Ninja 250R seems to me a good choice for this type of use but I am not aware of 250 type fairing (hypersportive) of this kind on sale at the moment in France . Will it be sold in France throughout the network and how much? In any case, the fairing is perfect. thank you in advance.
E.K. : Why not 250? Until now the market was very small for this displacement, including scooters. But if we look at the markets at the global level, there is a strong demand in Japan and in the United States mainly. As the model is quite pretty, it has every chance in Europe. The Ninja 250 will be sold throughout the French network from spring 2008, and I hope that everyone can appreciate 100% of the performance of this model! The price will be competitive and we have already collected a lot of positive feedback on the Mondial.

Question from Matth: Hello. How will Kawasaki react to the release of the new Hayabusa: strengthening the ZZR range or developing a replacement for the ZX-12R? Thank you .
E.K. : The answer to the Hayabusa is the new 2008 ZZR1400, which remains in the "free" markets the most powerful production motorcycle with its 203 horsepower. !

Question from alex77: When will the necessary means for the Kawasaki France team to return to the highest level in endurance and participate in the entire world championship (including Suzuka), with for example a retired pensioner like Olivier Jacque on his handlebars? Thank you
E.K. : It’s a good idea Olivier Jacque! Team Kawasaki France has already had additional resources for the Bol d’Or. In terms of performance, the tests of the Bol have also shown that we had returned to the level of the best, even if we lacked success in the race….

Question from Mononoke-hime: Hello Eiko, are you a biker yourself ?
E.K. : Yes I am a biker! In two weeks I’ll be testing the 2008 ZX10-R in Japan … My first bike was a 250 Ninja, quickly followed by a ZXR750. I am passionate about speed and I do a lot of jet skiing, I love all mechanical sports! And especially MotoGP, I never miss a thing. If my schedule doesn’t allow me to follow it live, I save it to watch it as soon as I can !

Question of popov33: Hello Mr. Kirino, here I wanted to know if the problems seen on the frame of er-6 were fixed ?
E.K. : The problem is solved, it has been treated and taken into account by Kawasaki technical service. PS: I am a woman 🙂 !

Question from el diablo: Hello. The W650, which has now disappeared from the catalog, was a neoclassical that was inexpensive but created a passion for many owners. Do you think Kawasaki will bring revival styling up to date? ?
E.K. : It is a project. Because because of Euro3 standards, carburetor machines had to be stopped. No details at this time, but we may see a W returning…

Question from greg: Hello. Is there an er1000 or Versys 1000 project? Is a big twin in the works at Kawasaki to counter the big competing twin cylinders? Thank you in advance, see you soon.
E.K. : No projects for the moment, but it’s interesting because the level of technology has improved a lot, so we can multiply the possibilities with a 2-cylinder engine: a twin-cylinder now allows to achieve performance previously reserved for only 4-cylinder.

Question from jack666: Hello! Will Kawasaki present other novelties in Milan ?
E.K. : Since the start of the year, we have already presented six new products, which is already a significant number! French visitors to the Mondial will therefore have had the privilege of discovering all the new Kawasaki 2008 models :-).

Question from ultramou: We see it with the appearance of several models within the different brands, the supermoto is in fashion. Does Kawasaki plan to sell a supermotard or hypermotard as such (especially with the sporty connotation of your brand)?
E.K. : I think I have already answered regarding the Supermotard, which in my opinion is too limited a market globally.

Question from Hibou2rouT: Hello Me Kirino. Kawasaki roadsters are selling very well in France, what about abroad ?
E.K. : Even abroad the results of Kawasaki roadsters are very good! And I take this opportunity to remind you that it is in France that Kawasaki has the best market shares in all categories! I am very happy that French bikers appreciate our motorcycles so much !

Question from Tarmontpellier: Hello, The FFMC’s appeal to Europe against the so-called 100 horses law has failed, the sumptuous ZZR 1400 and the following ones will therefore remain for me a myth (because cut by half of its power the arguments are very thin to justify the invoice). Don’t you think that a concerted action taken by manufacturers against this law which penalizes them (I remind you that the power / accident cause and effect relationship has never been established by France) would be justified, at least for make it evolve taking into account technological progress (a 100 hp 1986 type 1000 RX motorcycle did not provide the same security as those offered today). Without claiming to repeal this law, a move to 130 hp corresponding to the power gains obtained on the 600 cc over the past 20 years would appear justified, or even a gradual access to this maximum power for new licenses. Thank you for your attention and bravo for the spirit of innovation shown by Kawasaki..
E.K. : It is true that for the manufacturers, this French particularity complicates the situation. The power accident report has never been established. For safety, the most important would be to make an effort of training for young people, rather than preventing the big cars which are driven by more experienced and more responsible drivers in general..

Question from el mosquito: Your goals for the year in France ?
E.K. : For next year: win the 24H or the Bol d’Or – or even better both! In terms of the market, 2007 will end on a positive note with more than 10% more sales compared to 2006. The Z750, for the 3rd consecutive year, will certainly be the best selling of the over 125 cc models..

Question from el mosquito: Is it easier for a woman to work in France than in Japan ?
E.K. : No, it is also difficult! Although finally thinking about it, it may be a little easier in France !

Question from kawasaki: Hello Mrs Kirino. Rumors suggest the possible release of a Z1400 … to counter the very recent Suzuki BKing. Is this a possible project? Thank you for your reply
E.K. : For me the Z1000 is already expressive enough in terms of performance.

Question from Kawaracing111: Why not invest in the 125 cc niche, inexpensive sporty but usable for 125 cc licenses?.
E.K. : Europe needs 125 cc, but unfortunately due to model development priorities and also new standards we have not presented this year 125…

E.K. : Thanks to all of you, it was very interesting for me to chat directly with the French bikers! See you soon on the Kawasaki stand.

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