Live chats – Florent Lionnet (Honda): the DN01 creates a new market segment – Pre-owned HONDA

Florent Lionnet (Honda): the DN01 creates a new market segment

Live chats - Florent Lionnet (Honda): the DN01 creates a new market segment - Pre-owned HONDA

Live chat transcript of the Tokyo Motor Show on October 25, 2007: marketing of the DN01, Japanese practice of motorcycles, release of the CBF600, motorcycle technical control: Florent Lionnet, DG Honda France, answered your questions.

Florent Lionnet – DG Honda France – live from the Tokyo Motor Show: Hello everyone, it’s a little after 10 p.m. in Tokyo. Thank you for being present during your working day.

Question from lucy-in-the-sky: So what’s new in Japan? Will we one day see the Tokyo prototypes sold in France ?
F.L .: As for the DN01 presented two years ago in Tokyo, we hope that the reception of the various concept-bikes will meet our expectations and that we will be able to convince R&D to continue the adventure of these exceptional products..

Mop question: How is the Tokyo show compared to that in Paris ?
F.L .: On your first visit to Tokyo, you are always surprised at the small size of the area dedicated to two-wheelers during the Show. The total area must not exceed one sixth of the area of ​​the Porte de Versailles hall. On the other hand, you have the chance to see a lot of concept-bikes. Japanese manufacturers allow themselves to test the public during this Show to know the reception.

Question from turlututu: How do the Japanese use motorcycles? What a difference compared to French bikers ?
F.L .: Already, there are very few big cars in Japan due to very strict legislation. You see a lot of scooters in the streets, very few "big" motorcycles. Road infrastructure is not perfectly suited to driving large engines.

Question from Crousti: Mr Lionnet, do you think that the next big roadster in 1000 presented in Milan has its chances against the Speed ​​Triple or the Z1000. If it follows the aesthetic lineage of the 2007 Hornets and 2008 CBRs, don’t you be afraid to quickly inflate the purchase orders of your competitors as it currently occurs for roadsters in 600? ?
F.L .: Your opinion on the design of our models is your own. The Hornet is in the process of finding its clientele thanks to a repositioning in concession prices. As for the CBR1000RR 2008, I invite you to check what Site readers thought during the survey rewarding the best new 2008 models. The CBR1000RR comes second just behind the Ducati Desmocedici. Rather not bad for a so-called "ugly" machine aesthetically? No ?

Question from Klarkgaibeul: Hello. Knowing that in France a good number of bikers have passed their forties, do you plan to market the proto CBF 1100 which, with its little "80’s revival" air, would certainly appeal to many of us who have passed their license on the CBF’s? ‘time. Thank you very much, have a good show everyone. Sayou nara.
F.L .: I very much hope that my European counterparts will push as hard as me to see this product arrive on French roads. It perfectly meets the demand of a nostalgic clientele who does not want to skimp on quality and modernity..

Question from cbr600: Are Aprilia and Piaggio present at the Tokyo Motor Show or did they despise this event too (they were not already present in Paris)? I don’t know the fame of this salon in fact.
F.L .: No, these two manufacturers are not present just like BMW Motorrad.

Question from BurgGuy: Hello. The electric car has made enormous progress in recent years, and this is amplifying and having concrete repercussions on \ "viable \" models (see the success of the Toyota Prius). What about big electric scoots? Where is Honda’s work on this? Thank you in advance for your insight…
F.L .: Honda favors the fuel cell in the automobile (FCX model which has been running for over a year in the USA). The direction regarding the two-wheeler is not yet clear for the brand.

Question from johnnyboy: Hello. What do you think of speed reductions on roads and highways in favor of the environment? Sincerely, Johnny.
F.L .: I remain convinced that the best way to deal with the environment is to continue working on EURO standards (already EURO 3 and soon EURO 4). But the process of being a responsible and responsible builder also and above all involves the education of the motorcyclist who must learn to coexist with the automobile and have behavior on the handlebars that is not objectionable for the environment (no untimely acceleration, machine well maintained etc.) Honda is campaigning for the technical control two-wheelers to be quickly applied in France. A well-maintained park will ensure better respect for the environment.

Question from Eric: Will the 700 Transalp exist in 34 hp ?
F.L .: The request is underway with the engineers at R&D Japan. For the moment, only the CB600F and the CBF600 benefit from the 34 hp.

Question from hehe: Honda "The Power of dreams" … What are your dreams for Honda France, Honda and two-wheelers in general? Thank you for watching with us (it’s after 10pm, right?) !
F.L .: When I arrived at Honda on January 17, 2005, I began a complete overhaul of the brand’s strategy based on three pillars: products, network and people. For products, the renewal of the range is taking place as planned with a slight deadline offset. For the network, the DREAM project, a veritable experimental laboratory, is underway and the benefits drawn from this concept will be directly applied to the rest of the Honda network. Finally for the men, I am proud to have a loyal and united team which allows me to be ambitious for the brand as well as a network of loyal dealers who are loyal to the brand. I remain the n ° 1 place to obtain. This remains my primary ambition.

Question from Deauville: Hello! I imagined that the DN-01 would take over from the Deauville only close to the photos, the protection seems limited for the long journeys. Is a more GT version possible and / or planned? Thank you.
F.L .: The DN01 is a real new product that simply creates a new segment in the two-wheeler market. Our desire is to attract a large scooter clientele who want to experience the sensations of a motorcycle but also convince the 125 cc pilot B licenses to take the large cube license to taste the joys of motorcycles. And of course, the DN01 is also intended for customers who wish to be enhanced by an exceptional, innovative and fashionable product (perhaps even a precursor).

Question from Anthony: Hello! Fan of 3 and 2-cylinder I find that the current production certainly superb lacks diversity in the sports segment. Only European manufacturers are still developing Twins and 3 cylinders. I really liked at the time of its release, the SP1 and SP2 ATV although it is an exclusive and rare motorcycle for its price. Do you think you will ever produce a replacement again in a price range that would make it accessible? ?
F.L .: There is no such plan today. Sorry to disappoint a fan of SP1 and SP2.

Question from made in paname: Hello. Does your opinion of a European have a real impact on your Japanese contacts at Honda? ?
F.L .: If it weren’t the case I wouldn’t travel to Japan so often. But I am proud to also have a spirit of conviction which pushes my European counterparts to follow me on sometimes winding paths. So yes I can say that my opinion matters (and I strongly believe it, no false modesty). Otherwise, you might as well change jobs. Being in such a position and not having decision-making power would be confusing and frustrating..

Question from lili online: Are you going to ride a motorcycle during your stay in Japan? and which one ?
F.L .: I don’t ride the streets of Tokyo for one simple reason. Traffic on the left. I’m really afraid of finding myself inadvertently in the wrong direction. In addition, the signage is in Japanese, a language that I do not understand, but I often go to Japan to try out new products on a private track well before their launch. And I promise you that the near future has some good surprises in store for you at Honda….

Question from motorman: Silly question, you speak Japanese ?
F.L .: Excellent question. The answer is no. We speak English at product meetings. But some needs do not require knowing how to speak a language, the gestures sufficient to be understood (drinking, eating, sleeping, singing at Karaoke …)

Question from petrus 1300: Why did Honda France abandon the marketing of the CB 1300 (non-faired version) in 2008? After not having imported neither the 2006 models, nor the 2007. What remains as a big roadster and a pretty motorcycle in the Honda 2008 range? I’m 50 years old and sports don’t appeal to me: uncomfortable, depressing (constrained) and therefore useless on the road. Return BELLES MOTOS to us and re-import the CB 1300. If you do, you already have a customer..
F.L .: It is true that we will only import the CB1300SA (ABS faired version) in 2008. Simply for range consistency with another roadster product which will arrive soon..

Question from docJohns: You are talking about the EURO3 standard and the upcoming EURO4. Does a recent motorcycle like the CBF 600 go further than the EURO3 standard and if so to what extent?
F.L .: No, the CBF600 meets the EURO3 standard and that is enough already. Because to meet the EURO4 standard it would have been necessary to spend more to bring it up to draconian EURO4 standards. The market could not absorb this additional cost all at once. It was not necessary.

Question from docJohns: The availability of the CBF 600 is announced for the end of December. When can we expect to see the first press tests of this beautiful bike? (A very impatient potential future buyer).
F.L .: On December 4, 5 & 6, the press will test this new machine. So you can already go and book it in dealership and wait impatiently for the results of the tests which for me is beyond doubt..

Question from v2b: Mr Lionnet, why tell us that BMW is not present in Tokyo? As you have noticed, it is a small market restricted to mid-displacement. Denouncing the non-presence of the German brand mean that you are afraid of the great offensive launched by BMW to attack all the markets in Europe and the USA ?
F.L .: No. Simply because I still have affection for this brand that has made me who I am today and that I regret that it is not present at this show.Do not go look for noon to 2 p.m..

Question from v2b: Hello. Today you are talking to us about a new concept but it seems to me to be successful compared to a Pacific Coast or even a Deauville. Indeed even if the machine seems well finished it would be a shame to have to affix a Top Case and fabric bags on the side! Can you tell us about the storage volume? Second point: we are used to nervous machines with scooters, apart from the motorization of the Deauville is not a thunderbolt, will the "variator" give it a little more character? Thank you.
F.L .: It is true that the primary vocation of this vehicle is not luggage. Nevertheless we are studying with a service provider a solution to overcome this lack. As for the engine character, the low seat in relation to the ground and the quality of the transmission allow (especially in sport mode) to obtain pleasurable sensations for a motorcycle of this displacement.

Question from motorman: Do you really think the DN-01 really has a chance in our market? Tuning enthusiasts will appreciate it, but isn’t this "manga" line likely to put us off? Me personally, if I like the technological side, I strongly prefer Aprilia Mana, even if in my heart, I’m Honda…
F.L .: Beyond the Manga line, this motorcycle opens up real new horizons for traditional bikers. The exceptional quality of the transmission will convince the most reluctant. For that I can only urge you to go and try it in concession next year..

Question from motorman: The transalp 700 in 34 hp is possible. My son fell for her, but he’s too young for her…
F.L .: No 34 hp kit available for the moment but under study for the future.

Question from v2b: To talk about a completely different subject, Honda offers in its Japanese range and also demonstrates with the prototypes of Japan a set of "Vintage" vehicles. Less powerful than the superbikes sharpened like weapons of war, these retro machines seem to correspond to the market: feelings, a little performance, a great look which will allow us to save our licenses. Wouldn’t this inclination towards motorcycles be the market of the future in Europe in the light of increasingly restrictive legislation, as custom has become in the USA? ?
F.L .: I follow you 100% in your reasoning. It is no coincidence that on the Honda stand at the Mondial du 2 Roues, you could admire the Rune (large custom engine based on the GL1800). The future of the large-displacement motorcycle will go through an awareness of the customers that one can conceive of the two-wheeler as a playful machine, providing pleasure even without extreme performance. I may be a track enthusiast with a CBR, I love touring with my wife without looking at all costs for the angle and the prohibited speeds..

Question from motorman: Why did you abandon the CB500? It was a great machine, ideal for beginners, but also as an everyday motorcycle.
F.L .: The new CBF600 is an advantageous successor to the faithful CBF500. Moreover, the ECF, Honda’s long-standing partner, is currently testing the new CBF600 to check its compatibility with the educational curriculum imposed by legislation..

Site question: The chat is over. Thank you all for your participation.
F.L .: It’s late in Tokyo and it’s time for me to get some sleep despite the "jet-lag". Thank you all for your participation and see you very soon for a new chat on the Site. Sayou nara.

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