Live chats – Jean-Michel Cavret (BMW Motorrad): what is done without time does not stand up to him … – Used BMW

Jean-Michel Cavret (BMW Motorrad): what is done without time does not resist him…

Live chats - Jean-Michel Cavret (BMW Motorrad): what is done without time does not stand up to him ... - Used BMW

Transcript of the chat that took place on October 6, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. live from the Site stand at the 2007 Mondial du 2 Roues: values, mixed concessions, options pack, HP2… Jean-Michel Cavret, BMW Motorrad France Director, answered your questions.

Question from icivoila: What type of biker are you? a) not biker b) hobby passion c) useful in everyday life. Please answer even if there are no prizes to win !
Jean-Michel Cavret – DG BMW Motorrad France: Good morning all. I am a passionate biker! For 41 years. Currently I drive in K 1200 S (107 hp). I competed 30 years ago in 125 cc.

Question from Jean-Louis T: When will we see a BMW F 800 GS trail? ?
J. -M. VS. : Soon.

Question from CHOUNET: The K 1800LT six-cylinder info or intox? When will my K1200 LT replace?
J. -M. VS. : Intox for the moment. Ride quiet, ride without thinking !

Question from Robert Chaîne: I drive a 650 GS which I am very satisfied with. Two years ago, I received a letter from Motorrad asking me to come to the workshops to have a defective part replaced. When I passed, I was reassured by offering to come back later because they were overbooked. I then failed to find out which part was faulty and the foreman explained to me that everything was fine without even looking at the bike. In short, the question is: what was the problem ?
J. -M. VS. : Do not hesitate to call the BMW France Customer Relations Department, with the chassis number of the motorcycle. A database follows each intervention as long as it has been carried out in the network of BMW dealers. We should be able to give you the reason for this letter..

Question from Francis09: Will we ever see BMW in MotoGP??
J. -M. VS. : On September 28 at the Mondial du 2 Roues, BMW Motorrad announced that it was continuing its Endurance program in 2008 and entering Superbike in 2009. BMW’s philosophy in terms of competition has always been to enter the most powerful motorcycles. possible close to production motorcycles. Thus, the 2007 endurance program with the Boxer of approximately 140 hp served neither more nor less to validate the HP2 Sport that everyone can acquire from next spring in concession..

Question from jean-louis: Hello. Do you think the decline in quality experienced by motorcycles of the generation of R 1200 GS. (I don’t know the K’s) will be contained or will we have to accept mediocrity for years to come? Jean Louis. 30 years in BMW and very disappointed with its 1200GS.
J. -M. VS. : Hello Jean-Louis, I don’t know what exactly is happening to you. Please contact your dealer and BMW France Customer Relations. I want to reassure you: the R 1200 GS is the best-selling model in the world by BMW. In 2006, one in three motorcycles by BMW was the one you chose !

Question from francismayotte: Hello, I have a 650 scarver and when is the future 800 gs with belt ?
J. -M. VS. : The extension of the 800 models from the new vertical twin will not be long in coming. On the other hand, if it were a GS, the transmission would be by chain because the belt is not very compatible with use on all roads..

Question from Fan LT: When will you present the new K LT? ?
J. -M. VS. : Already replied. What is done without time does not resist him.

Question from tonio: We had heard a lot about a roadster based on F800 or is it?
J. -M. VS. : He is not there. And from twin 800, the priority may be different.

Question from PHILGOOD: Do you plan to develop the F800 range and in particular when do you plan to launch the F800GS? Thank you
J. -M. VS. : Soon, see previous answers.

Question from Le Gnac: Hello Mr. Cavret, it is a passionate and immoderate fan of BMW who speaks to you :-). I would like to know why, as BMW has done in the past, the "war paints" were not retained (as on the last Boxer Cup Replika 1100 S for example) on this HP2 Sport, will there be there one day other colors? Otherwise, will "special track" parts be available in the HP catalog in the future, such as a headlight-less fairing for example, or the wheel quick-release couplings and hose quick-connects, that sort of thing? If not, is it already possible to get an idea of ​​the mechanical architecture that BMW will use in SBK? Lots of question I know. but in any case THANKS to BMW for remembering that the motorcycle is also (first?) a matter of passion, this latest HP2 is full of splendid details, without exaggerating, I have been waiting for this for 20 years at BMW ! 🙂 Emmanuel, Basel, Switzerland, K75S in 1987, R 1100 S in 2000, R 1200 S in 2006 and. HP2 Sport? Probably. 🙂
J. -M. VS. : Hello Le Gnac, I think I recognize you! I read you often. Thank you first of all for your passion for our beautiful brand! We have just launched the HP series starting with the HP2 Enduro, followed by the HP2 Megamoto, and for a week now by the HP2 Sport. Regarding the colors, white and blue are traditional BMW colors. And for those who read us and don’t have your culture, the blue and white BMW logo represents an airplane propeller that turns with the blue and white colors of Bavaria. It is likely that after a period of installation of this HP universe, our development department will give free rein to even more creativity. !
It is the same for HP parts in carbon and other noble materials. Please go back to our website www. bmw. en all the ideas you could have on the subject! These cumulative ideas will flow back from the subsidiaries to our Munich plant. For the SBK it’s still a bit premature, because we just announced it and it’s for 2009.

Question from Chris: Hello. I watched with interest the new HP2 sport, and its performance. Don’t you think BMW has a positioning problem in the sports car market? BMW and the Boxer engine are intimately linked, which is what makes a good number of bikers attached to the brand. However, to perform well in competition, the Boxer is not the engine to choose. So if BMW signs up for a Superbike or something else, by abandoning the Boxer engine, 1) the BMW motorcyclist may feel lost, and 2) the doping effect of the race on the number of sales may not be there. you. Thank you
J. -M. VS. : As I explained earlier to another Internet user, our commitment to endurance racing with the Boxer engine (of only 140 hp) enabled us to validate the technical definition of the production HP2 Sport that we will be offering next spring. The performances achieved with a power deficit of around 40 to 60 hp show that autonomy and regularity pay off in endurance! And BMW is known for its reliability in these difficult conditions. Regarding the possible disappointment of historical BMW enthusiasts, the BMW range today offers 19 different models with 5 different engines: single cylinder, vertical twin, 4-cylinder facing the road, 4-cylinder flat and of course the Boxer in 1200 cc. So BMW customers have changed a lot.

Question from vanchris: Hello. BMW is the GT specialist! However, the range still lacks an average displacement GT of the style and price of the Deauville because the F800ST is sportier than GT! Can we hope for an F800RT or other similar model? Thank you.
J. -M. VS. : If the R 1200 RT is the best-selling model in France, this is an exception. Because the best-selling model in the world is the 1200 GS. You should know that we benefit from favorable climatic conditions, from a tolerance in the rise of the lines of cars which does not exist, for example, in Germany, where one does not go to work on motorcycles. In many countries around the world, motorcycling is only a hobby.

Question from mamat: Hello, we could see that BMW was going to launch Superbike for 2009, will it be with the HP2 sport, which I find very pretty and not necessarily a fan of the brand? Will the 130hp be able to compete against the Japanese or other Ducati and KTM? Will the development in power continue? In any case, it is pure happiness to hear her and see her run in endurance, bravo !
J. -M. VS. : Thank you for your heartwarming encouragement! It is true that if the engineer who designed the flat-twin in 1923 saw the Boxer double camshaft in the lead today with 138 hp in competition and 133 hp in the standard HP2 Sport version, he would certainly be very surprised! We know that increasing the power of this engine architecture will not increase it very significantly. It is therefore likely that our engineers will look into another solution.

Question from Bof: Hello, when will a new K 1200 S be released? ?
J. -M. VS. : The K 1200 S was launched in 2005 and one of our brand values ​​is the lifespan of our models, which guarantees good resale ratings. This model being very recent, since it launched the new 4-cylinder engine architecture, it does not seem necessary to us to rush things..

Question from jean-alias: In the novelties department, which bike would tempt you ?
J. -M. VS. : For having launched the Boxer Cup in 1999, I will certainly swap my K 1200 S for an HP2 Sport next spring..

Question from Johnny Bigood: With the takeover of Husqvarna and the launch of its 450, BMW is reinvesting in enduro. The situation of this leisure activity in France does not scare you ?
J. -M. VS. : The situation in France is less restrictive than in many neighboring countries. It is always a minority of irresponsible people who harm a majority of reasonable users. It is therefore up to everyone to be careful, so that our share of freedom continues. The 06/10/2007 at 18:39

Question from Salsapareille: Hello Jean-Michel, what do you think of Codever ?
J. -M. VS. : First of all, we must pay tribute to it because, like any association, it essentially lives by the energy that its members deploy. Passion is what guides them and today, the government but also society’s consideration of environmental concerns is massive. Codever needs everyone’s support. BMW France is probably one of the oldest regular contributors to Codever.

Question from Theory of Chaos: Did the F800 finally allow you to attract new customers, beginners or "sleeping licenses" ?
J. -M. VS. : The more a Premium brand like BMW goes down in displacement, the closer it gets to the heart of the generalist market. And the more these models are in competition. The F800s are no exception to the rule, especially since they are produced in Berlin and the strong Euro puts them at a disadvantage against the Yen. The Yen has depreciated by 70% since 2000 against the Euro. That is to say the leeway of the Japanese. The F800, less heavy, more compact, more affordable, are acquired mainly by so-called conquest customers or people who return to motorcycles and who recognize themselves in the values ​​embodied by the brand..

Question from Catch22: Does BMW offer packs (as seen in cars) to reduce the cost of options ?
J. -M. VS. : Yes, we have developed packs, for example on the F 650 GS with a comfort and safety pack including ABS, heated grips and center stand. Ditto for the R 1200 RT.

Question from Relworp: The latest BMW models (R1200 and especially K1200) seem not to live up to the reputation of the brand (faulty clutch, bridge seems greased for life, noisy distribution, empty battery, service assistance braking much criticized and victims of "bugs", faulty ABS). Don’t you think that by doing too much technology you are turning your customers into real beta testers who could well slip away from the competition following a bad experience? ?
J. -M. VS. : The technological contributions on board our models only meet the increasingly important requirements of our customers. Today, the "mechanical" sensitivity of young bikers is lower than a few years ago, due to the reliability of the models, and a lower annual mileage. As a Premium manufacturer, we offer more and more warning indicators on the dashboard: check the oil level, RDC in the event of loss of tire pressure, check-control at each start. Any problem that may arise with a product of the BMW group is always handled by our Customer Relations Department in the interest of the best service. !

Question from Yvon22: Hello Mr Cavret! I remember some BMW dealers selling cars and motorcycles. I have the impression that this is being done less and less. You confirm ? Is there a reason ?
J. -M. VS. : 26 out of 83 BMW Motorrad dealers in France now offer cars and motorcycles. We initiated this distribution strategy in 1998 and 10 years later, aside from the surprise, the customers of these so-called “mixed” dealers seem to be completely satisfied. They quickly realized that the teams at these dealerships were true motorcycle enthusiasts. !

Question from philgood: Hello. BMW’s options policy worries me. For example optional passenger footrest on the XMOTO or XCOUNTRY series, will this policy be amplified? ?
J. -M. VS. : We must make communication efforts because from our point of view, our options policy is an opportunity. Indeed, we are one of the only brands to offer, beyond color, a multitude of factory-fitted options and accessories at our dealers. This arrangement allows the customer to choose exactly the motorcycle he wants and it is his initiative to choose a particular component. For the X Country, we realized, globally, that most potential users travel mostly solo..

J. -M. VS. : Thank you all for all your questions and your passion for BMW! Sorry I couldn’t answer all of them. And go the Blues … and Whites !!! Good end of weekend !

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