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Harley-davidson Softail Standard

Reduced to the essentials, also in terms of price

Harley-Davidson is expanding its Softail range with a new base model. The Softail Standard comes with an absolutely reduced range of equipment at a price of only 13,395 euros.

With the new S.oftail standard, the big big twins are also available for even leaner exchanges. With a base price of 13,395 euros, the Softail Standard, which is expected to be available from dealers from May 2020, undercuts the previously cheapest Softail Street Bob by 1,100 euros.

Nothing to it, but anything is possible

Harley argues the new strategy as follows: The Softail Standard is the perfect basis for building a completely individual custom bike. The Softail Standard is kept minimalist so that there is room for customization. It comes painted in classic Vivid Black and with chrome-plated components and polished surfaces. It only carries a solo seat and the slim 13.2 liter tank.


The black 1.745 cm³ V2 makes 87 hp and 145 Nm. The round cover of the air filter is also black, the shotgun exhaust system is presented in chrome. A 19-inch wheel turns at the front and a 16-inch wheel at the rear. The tire sizes are 100/90 at the front and 150/80 at the rear. The driver controls the 297 kilogram machine with a top speed of 190 km / h using a mini ape hanger handlebar. The compact, digital display instrument sits in its riser. The only control system on board is ABS.

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