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Harley-Davidson Low Rider S in the driving report

Low pressure area

While the rest of the world is gearing up for Euro 4, Harley is celebrating the beat of the four bars with an all-American beast from Motorrad. Harley-Davidson Low Rider S means a lot of engine in the no-frills Dyna chassis. A driving report under the influence of low pressure.

Milwaukee’s largest, the 110-cubic-inch engine, used to be reserved for the ultra-exclusive CVO noble Harleys. Last year, the 1801 twin bumper refined the Fat Boy and Softail Slim into mighty S models, there in the “balancer” version with equalization. The one now presented HThe arley-Davidson Low Rider S is now the most dynamic way to ride the “Screamin‘ Eagle Twin Cam 110 ”. In the version installed here without a balancer shaft, the power plant presses a hefty 97 hp and an uppermost 156 Newton meters. That is 21 extra paws and 30 Newton meters more than the not exactly weak standard model with 103 cubic inches.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S in the driving report

Low pressure area

Low Rider S is visually successful on dark minimalism. A new lamp mask, drag bar handlebars, single seat, chopped fender, double pipe exhaust system, golden wheels and the almost complete lack of glitter emphasize the evil, evil appearance of the low-flying aircraft. And of course the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S is available in any color as long as it is black.

Corridor? No matter. Rotational speed? The main thing is four-digit

How does it feel on the street? Matchless. With pressure on the starter, the spotted eagle starts its star and stripes-flagged combustion show. The main actors: Two 102 pistons and their rumbling up and down through an epic 111 millimeter stroke. Without a balance shaft, the twin of the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S wriggles like a school class full of ADHD kids who haven’t received their Ritalin. There is no space for the feet too far forward (“mid mounted” footrests), you have to stretch a little towards the handlebar, which sits on top of the risers. The very best snaps into a narrow, taut, but definitely ergonomic recess at a depth of 685 millimeters, which gives it its name.

Classic C-cone, not uncomfortable, but not too comfortable either. In the meantime, the pleasant rumble and rumble has already made its way through all the points of contact of the machine into the driver’s brain stem. Pull the clutch (workout), first gear engages like a Mike Tyson straight. And then? The bubbling creature snaps the right-hand "Heavy Breather" air filter snorkel with a violent gulle (imagine BMW would call its air filter "Heavy Breathers") so vehemently forward, as if it had new oil deposits in some third world country discovered. The 110 Vau twin is something very special. He draws the torque by mugs from the deepest depths of his crankcase. Corridor? No matter. Rotational speed? The main thing is four-digit. This is the low pressure area, and it can be quite addicting.

Lean manageable angle, but okay

It goes so quickly because the supporting actors play their roles very well. Last year’s suspension update of many Harley models is good for the Low Rider chassis. A cartridge fork is now working very tightly at the front, but sufficiently stable. The same applies to the rear “Premium Ride Emulsion Shocks”, which knock bumps out of the road rather than smooth them. But: The Harley-Davidson Low Rider S retains its shape for a long time with this stiffness, making it possible to enjoy the thrust without disappearing through the hedge. Tight, dry, honest – that fits perfectly into the common concept.

The lean angle is of course manageable, but once the footrests are cut a little, that fits. And the double disc brake at the front lets you forget the completely undersized Fat Boy S single disc. It actually has something like a pressure point, is easy to dose and shows teeth when necessary. Unfortunately, one can safely assume that this engine will not manage Euro 4. But it is rumored that an alternative is already being worked on. There are at most 20 good reasons that speak against the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, which should go over the table. On the other hand, there are 110 very good reasons for the rotogravure maker from Milwaukee.

Technical data Harley-Davidson Low Rider S


Long, low, black: like all "Dark Custom" models, the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S dispenses with chrome, fringes and frills.

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