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Gilera Runner 180

Sky striker

Dynamic scooter driving reaches a new dimension. With the Gilera Runner FX-R 180, a new star shines in the sky of sports scooter fans.

Nineteen HP, a hundred and twenty kilograms ready to drive and twelve-inch wheels with fat low-profile tires – the Gilera Runner FX-R 180 really does live up to its name. So on to the practical test. Press the starter button, which the runner quickly answers with a dull clatter of the exhaust. When starting off there is the first aha experience. The turn of the throttle is converted into a powerful forward movement by the gently engaging centrifugal clutch without any moment of thought. So dozing motorcyclists at the traffic lights become victims of the FX-R 180 and this becomes the king of city traffic. The runner pilot would do well to raise the engine speed slightly above the idle level, otherwise the 180 engine is annoying with rough vibrations.
The acceleration values ​​show how seriously the Gilera takes its sporty qualities. With 9.9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h, the FX-R 180 leaves even the equally powerful group of comfort scooters such as the Yamaha Majesty 250 or Honda Foresight 250 behind. Also in terms of top speed – the runner runs 121 km / h – the scooters cannot keep up. In fact, there is finally a sporty scooter that can keep up with cars on winding country roads and has the potential to overtake a truck. The fact that the Gilera consumes a little more petrol – a whole 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers – is easy to cope with in view of the power it offers.
The chassis contributes a substantial part of the driving pleasure. In terms of driving stability, the tubular steel mesh underneath the plastic cladding hardly shows any nakedness. This is probably due to the successful weight distribution of the runner, because the nine-liter petrol tank is hidden under the high, atypical scooter center bar and thus puts more load on the front wheel. The choice of the spring elements was obviously determined by the red pen. The tight fork responds badly to bumps and makes an overdamped, uncomfortable impression. At the rear the strut sometimes seems a bit underdamped, the rear teeters noticeably in fast, undulating corners. Since the spring preload cannot be adjusted to different driver weights or load conditions, it often hits through under high stress.
The brakes also have to accept criticism. The front one, in which the 220-millimeter disc is at least taken into the mangle by double-piston pliers, only shows sufficient effect with great manual force. And the drum brake on the rear wheel is just as acceptable when correctly adjusted. It is advisable to replace it with a disc brake with a bite.
B.In terms of practical equipment, however, the FX-R 180, which costs 5650 marks, is not bad. Although it lacks a timer, glove box and luggage rack, it offers a smooth-running main stand, good high beam and a spacious helmet compartment.

Runner FX 125

Parallel to the Runner FX-R 180, Gilera offers the Runner FX 125 for 5495 marks. The chassis is the same, the only difference between the two models is the engine. And so the 125 lags significantly behind the 180 in terms of performance. At 101 km / h it’s over. With 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers, it consumes a little more fuel than the FX-R 180 with 4.1 liters. But the Runner FX 125 has an ace up its sleeve. It’s beginner-friendly. With its 15 hp, it fits perfectly with the new driving license regulations. 16-year-olds can purchase the 80 km / h version of the Gilera Runner FX 125 for a surcharge of 150 marks.

Technical data – Gilera Runner FX-R 180

EngineLiquid-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine, Dellorto carburetor, O 20.5 mm, E and kick starterBore x stroke 65.6 x 52Cubic space 175.8 cm³Compression ratio 9.8: 1Nominal output 19 HP (14 kW) at 8000 / minMax. Torque not specified Power transmission stepless automatic belt system Chassis tubular steel frame, front upside-down fork and disc brake (Æ 220 mm), rear drive unit swing arm with a spring strut and drum brake (Æ 140 mm). Front rim size 3.50 x 12, rear 3.50 x 12, front tire size 120/70 -12 rear 130 / 70-12Dimensions and weightsTurning circle: 4.14 mWeight with a full tank: 120 kgLoad: 180 kgTank capacity / reserve: 9/2 litersMeasured valuesMaximum speed: 121 km / hAcceleration: 0-50 km / h 2.9 sec0-80 km / h 6.1 sec0-100 km / h 9.9 secTest consumption: 4.1 liters / 100kmEquipment / priceAvailable colors: silver, blackLine variant –Warranty one yearPrice: 5650 marks including additional costs

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