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Harley-Davidson 1200 Roadster Desert Wolve

Enduro conversion from El Solitario

The El Solitario customizers have put an enduro bike suitable for off-road use called Desert Wolve, which is based on the Harley-Davidson 1200 Roadster.

I want to go off-road with the Harley! The customizers at El Solitario must have said this sentence to themselves and put words into action. Tea "Desert Wolve" is a converted one Harley-Davidson 1200 Roadster disguised as an enduro. As is well known, Harley-Davidson has already announced that it will offer a more or less off-road series travel enduro with the Pan America, but the Desert Wolve goes one step further and is even a bit more off-road. As the name Desert Wolve suggests, the focus of the conversion was on a mission in the desert, more precisely in the Sahara. In addition, Harley-Davidson has not yet communicated when the Pan America will roll to the dealers.

From cruiser to desert racer

In order to make the roadster suitable for the desert, the El Solitario customizers had to make a lot of modifications. The engine’s output could be increased from 67 to 87 hp. This is made possible by a new exhaust system from SC-Project and a new control unit (ECU). The drive was also converted from toothed belts to chains. Apart from that, the desert Harley has slimmed off almost 34 kilograms and weighs only 225 kilograms when ready to drive. To make this possible, some components had to be custom-made. For example, the rear fender, the aluminum tank and the headlight protector were created in-house.

El Solitario.

The Desert Wolve was designed for use in the desert.

In order to facilitate the journey in the demanding desert terrain, the customizers of the Desert Wolve donated an automatic Rekluse coupling. There is now a second handbrake lever where the clutch lever was. Instead of the original rims, 19-inch Kineo wheels with Dunlop studded tires are used. In order to be better protected in the worst-case scenario, the Spanish customizers donated carbon fiber handguards from Bark Busters and a new Easton handlebar to the bike. The lighting also had to be adapted for extreme use. Two PIAA LED headlights are used at the front; In the back, it was decided to use lighting elements that are normally used in Formula 1 and are accordingly approved by the FIA. When it comes to spring elements, the Spaniards rely on noble components from Ohlins. In addition, a modified luggage rack including a matching bag was installed on the rear of the motorcycle.

Available for almost $ 60,000

Finally, there is good news and bad news. The good news: The Harley-Davidson 1200 Roadster Desert Wolve from El Solitario can actually be purchased in the configuration shown. The bad: buyers have to invest a whopping $ 61,625. The Desert Wolve is offered in the online shop TheArsenale.


The Desert Wolve from El Solitario was designed for very extreme driving conditions. The modifications to the former 1200 Roadster were correspondingly large, but they undoubtedly make the desert Harley something very special.

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