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Goodyear e-go 2

Electric trike for the city

With the e-go 2, Goodyear offers an electric and three-wheeled model for use in the city, which could be particularly suitable for owners of a car driver’s license.

M.ith Goodyear, most people are more likely to associate tires for cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. But the US tire company also develops and produces some vehicles. One of these vehicles is the Goodyear e-go 2, which is said to be particularly suitable for use in the city. Admittedly, the trike is not necessarily brand new. The vehicle was presented by Goodyear two years ago, but the vehicle could still be suitable for many city dwellers.

Top speed of up to 45 km / h

For the drive, Goodyear relies on a 1,500 watt electric motor from Bosch, with which a top speed of up to 45 km / h is possible. Accordingly, owners of a car driver’s license can also drive the Goodyear e-go 2. Due to the three-wheel concept, the vehicle could be particularly suitable for drivers who are looking for a small vehicle for use in the city, but who do not dare to use motorized two-wheelers.


The Goodyear electric model is available in seven color variants.

The range of the battery should be 50 kilometers. Clever: a second battery is in a storage compartment and can be exchanged with little effort. This allows another 50 kilometers to be covered. With a quick charger, the battery should be able to be fully charged within three to four hours. Goodyear offers its new model in seven different colors. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is 4,490 euros. However, the electric trike is now also a bit cheaper on various Internet portals.

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