Mash Dirt Track 650 in the driving report

Mash Dirt Track 650 in the driving report

First test drive with the new Mash

With the Dirt Track 650, Mash presented its new top model at EICMA in autumn 2018. Now it is about to launch. How does the most powerfully motorized Mash so far fare on the first test drive?

At the first date of the new one M.ash Dirt Track 650 invited the manufacturer to the neighboring Netherlands in the area around Vaals. There were enough curvy passages and enough off-road sections to get a feel for the mash.

40 HP Dominator engine

First, a few words about the still relatively young motorcycle brand Mash, which should not be known to everyone. Mash was founded in France in 2012 and is now very successful there. In France, the manufacturer is the market leader for 125 cc. Accordingly, models like the Mash Seventy Five can be found in our neighboring country. Other models with a displacement of up to 400 cm³ are now also expanding the product range. With the new 650 you want to climb one step higher. With its 40 hp, the Dirt Track 650 is the most powerfully motorized French model to date. The bikes are produced by Shineray in China.


The engine of the Mash is based on the drive of the Honda Dominator and has an output of 40 hp.

When it comes to the engine, Mash relies on an old friend. The drive with a displacement of 644 cm³, which delivers its 40 hp at 6,000 rpm, is fundamentally based on the single-cylinder engine of the Honda Dominator. The maximum torque of 45.2 Nm is available at 4,500 rpm. Revised older engines from well-known Japanese manufacturers are also used in other Mash models. The A2-compatible drive knew how to please on the first test drive. From below, the single has enough pressure and easy play with the 163 kilogram curb weight. At higher speeds of 120 km / h or more, the Single no longer tears up trees; The performance is always sufficient for swimming along in traffic. The driving of the single cylinder is always accompanied by hearty vibrations. The Mash mastered overtaking maneuvers without any major problems. Hectic switching work is not necessary. You can drive through town smoothly in third gear. The 650er offers enough pulling power. The gear ratio works well, but the effort required to operate the clutch should be less.

Series tires are probably the biggest weak point

You can tell that the rest of the bike is Chinese. On the whole, the workmanship is okay, but if you take a closer look, you can see one or the other coarseness, for example when laying the on-board electronics behind the front mask. The fit of various trim parts was also not entirely convincing. In addition, the lack of paint was sometimes applied carelessly. The ABS can be switched off when driving off-road. This gives experienced pilots more freedom off-road. What really works, however, could not be found out in the short passages. The Mash doesn’t even want to be a real enduro, but small country lane trips are always possible.


The display is kept rather simple.

The chassis looks rock solid on the road. The spring elements responded fine to uneven roads, with more speed, more damping could not hurt to keep the load calm. The Mash is stable on level ground. After our driving appointment, nothing can be said about the long-distance suitability of the bench; for short trips, the comfort on the 780 millimeter high seat is perfectly fine. The digital display is kept rather simple, but easy to read despite its modest size. Classic-looking round instruments would better match the overall appearance.

A weak point of the Mash Dirt Track 650 is its standard Kenda tires (120 / 80-18 front, 130 / 80-18 rear). This does not always give the safest impression. The grip goes quickly, especially with crisp braking maneuvers. There is nothing to complain about about the brakes. The 320 mm disc with four-piston radial caliper at the front grips easily and powerfully. The rear 240 system works inconspicuously.

In two color variants from 5,895 euros

The new Mash Dirt Track 650 will be available from September 2019 in the two color variants "Black / Orange" and "Urban Gray" from around 50 German mash dealers. Cost: from 5.895 euros plus additional costs. Incidentally, the 650 in the dirt track shouldn’t be left alone for long. At Mash, there are other models with the big stew in the starting blocks. At least one Enduro and one Motard variant should be presented this autumn.


The Mash Dirt Track 650 certainly knew how to please on the first test drive. The Euro4-compliant engine in particular made a good impression. Here and there the bike’s origin can be seen – but the processing is overall okay. At just under 6,000 euros, the Mash is not really expensive, but neither is it a real bargain.

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