Mash X-Ride 650 Classic: French build Enduro

Mash X-Ride 650 Classic

The French build Enduro

The French motorcycle manufacturer Mash is expanding its model range with another 650 machine. The Mash X-Ride 650 Classic was presented at the motor show in Brussels.

With the Dirt Track 650 M.ash presented his first motorcycle with the 650 single-cylinder from the old Honda Dominator in 2019. In 2020, the 650 range will be expanded to include another model.

The Dirt Track is joined by the X-Ride 650 Classic, which weighs 163 kilograms and was presented at the Motorshow in Brussels on January 9, 2020. It presents itself with clear optical borrowings from the legendary Yamaha XT500 with a good shot of scrambler – but the X-Ride does not seem to be intended as a real Enduro for difficult off-road use.

X-Ride with 17-inch wheels

The 650 cm³ air-cooled single-cylinder, which originally comes from the Honda Dominator and produces 40 hp and 46 Nm in the Mash, is retained. It is shifted by a five-speed gearbox. The gold-colored wire spokes measure 17 inches in diameter at the front and back. There is a 120/70 tire at the front and a 150/60 tire at the rear. The roughly profiled tires come from Kenda.


At the front of the conventional telescopic fork is a 320 mm disc with radially hinged four-piston caliper, and a 240 mm disc at the rear. A classic round headlight sits in front of the fork bars, but with LED daytime running lights. In the cockpit, a round instrument shows the engine speed in the same way, further information is provided by a latched LCD display. The turn signals and taillights also come on with LED technology. The rear swing arm is supported by a central spring strut with a reservoir.

Chic retro look


The driver sits behind a 12-liter sheet steel tank with an attached quick-release fastener and grabs a high-cranked tubular handlebar with a central strut, while his buttocks can be seated on a cross-quilted double bench at a height of 78 centimeters . The enduro fender is cardboard above the front wheel, directly under the lower triple clamp. There is a small engine guard in front of the engine. The exhaust system winds past the cylinder on the right, disappears under the side covers with the start number plate and emerges again directly on the side of the rear in a double rear silencer.

The white coloring with red elements and the golden rims is extremely classic and extremely harmonious. The Mash is expected to hit the German market in June, and the price will then remain below 6,000 euros.

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