Matchless G12 CSR with factory race kit

The English Matchless G12 CSR with factory race kit

Medics treat English patients

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As an orthopedic surgeon, Jorg Thoma treated everyone, regardless of whether they were health insurance or private patients. In the garage at home, on the other hand, the doctor is more choosy and only treats English patients. Very successful, as this perfectly restored Matchless G12 CSR with the rare factory race kit proves.

At Jorg Thoma, everything has always revolved around the musculoskeletal system. Professionally, the orthopedic surgeon took care of those of the two-legged friends, and in his spare time, those on two wheels. So the lover of British bikes didn’t get a Matchless either G12 CSR over when he accidentally discovered it in 1998 during one of his many visits to England. “That was at a time when I couldn’t leave a motorcycle like this, even though I wasn’t looking for this type of guy.” Thoma, who at the time was intensely involved with the bikes from the island and “knew everyone and owned many, that were built after the war”, therefore knew that real CSR is rare, even in England. Although the machine had developed a lot of patina in condition 3-4, the original and above all complete substance made it the ideal restoration object.

The handshake followed quickly. However, the deal only became something very special afterwards. Because the seller, something like the gray eminence of the British Matchless Owners Club, actually still had an unused factory race kit from a club member in stock, consisting of double carburetors, sharp camshafts, higher compression pistons and Smiths Chronometric tachometer. An unforgettable stroke of luck for Thoma to this day. This tuning kit has a similar status for Matchless fans as the Blue Mauritius for philatelists. With the recommendation to mount an exhaust with two silencers instead of the standard 2-in-1 system, Thoma started the return trip happy and euphoric.

Two-time Manx TT participant

In his native Remstal, he immediately got to work. Although the machine ran properly, the recreational wrench first disassembled it into all its individual parts. “I no longer sit on a motorcycle that I haven’t completely dismantled and restored beforehand,” the perfectionist affirmed. Once, the two-time Manx TT participant did not follow this principle with ultimate consistency. And was promptly punished when his recently acquired AJS Boyracer collapsed with engine failure during a classic car race on the Nurburgring.

The inventory of the G12 individual parts did not result in any unpleasant surprises, which is why the restoration was pure routine from a technical point of view: Thoroughly clean all parts, install new bearings and seals and assemble the racing kit. The racing fan did without the higher compression pistons in favor of stability, but he gave his sharp CSR the recommended 2-in-2 exhaust.


An English rarity: Matchless G12 CSR with factory race kit.

Thoma then put the Matchless perfectly restored – without having ridden a kilometer – alongside the other 14 British bikes in his collection. At some point, shortly after the turn of the millennium, Thoma switched to four wheels – with his own consequence: gradually all motorcycles were sold. Also the Matchless. The buyer of the G12 CSR even showed the red lady a bit of Europe, the two rode around 5000 kilometers to various meetings, while Thoma devoted himself entirely to building various racing and sports cars. But then, in 2007, the buyer of his G12 was back on the mat. With boxes full of parts from which the motorcycle abstainer was supposed to build two more CSR engines. The memories of his lucky purchase from 1998 came back to life. And longings that could not be satisfied due to a lack of offers.

After the almost bad purchase of a fake CSR in England, Thoma told the buyer of his G12 CSR about this failure a year and a half ago. He then offered to buy it back, but with engine failure. Thoma did not hesitate for a second: “I just had to overhaul the engine, the rest was still great.” Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending for the 70-year-old. Because your own musculoskeletal system is now causing bigger problems than your CSR ever could. Several stiffened cervical vertebrae simply no longer allow carefree motorcycle enjoyment.

Technical specifications


In the studio the Matchless G12 CSR.

Matchless G12 CSR (1963)

Two-cylinder four-stroke engine, 360 degrees ignition offset, two valves per cylinder, bore 72 mm, stroke 79.3 mm, 646 cm³, compression 8.5: 1, 39 hp at 6200 rpm (with race kit up to 48 hp at 6600 rpm ), an Amal monobloc carburetor, Ø 28.6 mm (race kit: double carburetor), oil bath clutch, four-speed gearbox, chain drive
Landing gear:
Double-loop tubular steel frame, hydraulically damped telescopic fork at the front, two-arm swing arm with three-way adjustable spring struts at the rear, aluminum full-hub drum brakes at the front and rear, Ø 180 mm, front tires 3.25 -19, rear 3.50-19, weight 185 kg with a full tank

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