Mellow X Triumph Thruxton Phantom Blaze 2018

Mellow X Triumph Thruxton Phantom Blaze (2018)

Compressor bike for Sultans of Sprint

Together with Mellow Motorcycles, Triumph has put the Phantom Blaze on the wire wheels based on a Thruxton R. Equipped with a compressor, they will compete in the sprint race series "Sultans of Sprint".

D.he "Sultans of Sprint" racing series is becoming increasingly popular. Triumph also wants to benefit from this and is sending a Thruxton R built together with the customizer Mellow Motorcycles to the start. The sprint machine, dubbed Phantom Blaze, has a lot ahead of the production version.

Forced ventilator twin


A compressor drives the twin to 142 hp.

The Phantom Blaze has a decisive advantage thanks to a compressor that has been adapted to the 1,200 cm³ twin. This increases its output to an impressive 142 hp. The drive environment was supplemented by additional coolers, larger injection nozzles and a reinforced clutch. Of course, the engine control has also been adapted.

Wilbers struts and LSL levers are used to equip the motorcycle ideally for the sprint races, while racing slicks from Metzeler ensure top performance on the track. Titan rear silencers from SC Project also provide the right sound.

Metal sculpture


The cladding and humps are handmade from metal.

The Phantom Blaze is visually unique thanks to its hand-made full metal cladding and a classically drawn cafe racer hump with a hand-sewn leather / Alcantara bench. A significantly longer swing arm ensures traction advantages and directional stability. Because numerous elements that are not required for a sprint race have been omitted, the weight of the Phantom Blaze has been reduced to 218 kilograms.

At the opening race in Monza in May, the Phantom Blaze was able to achieve third place in the “Factory Class”. Other races will follow at Glemseck (August 31 to September 2) and at the Dandy Riders Festival / St. Raphael (France) from September 28th to 30th and at the Intermot in Cologne from October 3rd to 7th.

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