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Late harvest

Only now, after the Milan trade fair, which took place in mid-November, is the 2007 motorcycle vintage wrapped up. This Italian late harvest brought a lot of innovations and sometimes surprising technical solutions.

Despite the general enthusiasm for the 1098 ?? this is where the editor has to call himself about other things. After all, not only Ducati presented innovations and Ducati itself not only the 1098.
Aprilia Aprilia deserves the award for the hardest working development department this year. The manufacturer from Noale presented two completely new motorcycles and a 1000cc V4 engine at the Eicma. It had been known for a few months that Aprilia was working on a two-cylinder 750cc naked bike for the middle class, the first of which was from behind
captured photos existed. However, while experts had speculated that a relatively simple one, originally from the
Scooter manufacturer Piaggio engineered engine in the 750 Shiver
found, it boasted an extremely sporty engine when it was unveiled, surprisingly in a 90-degree arrangement in view of the Aprilia tradition with 60-degree V2. Two at the top
Horizontal camshafts, operated by chains and spur gears, exhaust camshafts set downwards and injection with double throttle valves are state-of-the-art. In addition, an extremely compact gear design helps to save space. You don’t have to be a prophet to guess what construction principle the future 1200 V twin-cylinder will be based on.
With 95 HP at 9000 revolutions and powerful 85 Newton meters at 7000 tours, the Shiver attacks a whole group of top-class competitors? the Japanese 600s of the type Honda Hornet, Suzuki GSR and Yamaha FZ6 are just as easy to reach as the BMW F 800, the Kawasaki Z 750 and even the Honda CBF 1000. Especially since the price of around 8000 euros is still within the specified range.
At first glance, the Shiver is recognizable as a distinctly sporty motorcycle. The NA 850 Mana, however, cherishes others
Ambitions. Although she also wears an upside-down fork and is of a well-trained figure, she devotes herself to relaxed, comfort-oriented gliding on country roads. It is powered by the aforementioned engine, which is based on a Piaggio design. Compared to the 750, it has significantly more stroke and less bore, is satisfied with one camshaft per cylinder and leaves it at 75 HP peak power. The highlight of the Mana is the drive train; it also comes from scooter construction: an automatic transmission that, if the driver so desires, can also be shifted in seven stages at the push of a button on the handlebars or with a foot switch. In automatic mode there are three different programs to choose from with differently set switching speeds ?? Touring, sport and rain. Playful natures can switch back and forth between all these possibilities. And run the risk of having more work than with a conventional transmission.
Although Aprilia has so far only shown the engine of the 1000 Superbike, more of it should be on view shortly. Because the announcement to compete in World Cup races next year is still valid. The press release contains initial indications of how the motorcycle will be designed around the V4, which is supposed to produce 210 hp in racing trim and do 13500 tours. Due to the cylinder angle of 65 degrees, which is close to the 60 degrees of the previous 1000 V2, and thanks to the compact dimensions of the power cube, which is even smaller than the V2, one can use the ample experience in building aluminum bridge frames. So Aprilia won’t stray too far from the RSV-1000 chassis.
While the model of the BMW K 1200 S is visible in the valve control, Aprilia dares to go further than anyone else when it comes to using electronics in the mixture preparation
Motorcycle manufacturer. The V4 is ventilated by a real drive-by-wire system in which the throttle grip no longer has a mechanical connection with the throttle valve. These are operated independently of each other by their own servomotor in both rows of cylinders.
KTM Because so far there has only been one photo of the KTM Super Duke 990 R (the one with the orange frame) in MOTORRAD, the standard model is briefly discussed here. It was unveiled in the course of a whimsical, casual presentation in Milan, and although according to the presentation video it seems to be intended for the bad guys in traffic, the everyday usability of the 990s has improved in particular. Four liters more tank volume, lower consumption, Euro 3 homologation without loss of performance and with undiminished sportiness ?? everyone can be satisfied.
Without mentioning it, KTM exhibited the rally version of the new 690 single-cylinder machine in Milan. It is being built in a small series for private drivers, costs around 20,000 euros and will be available from March 2007. And thus the first off-road motorcycle with the new single-cylinder that dares to go public.
Bimota The small prototype manufacturer from Rimini is using the presentation of the air-cooled 1100 two-valve in the 2007 Multistrada as an opportunity to launch a new Tesi. Tesi 3D is the name of the exclusive piece with the new half-shell cladding. The first 29 copies will be launched as a special series and cost 29,000 euros; later, more simply equipped motorcycles will cost 25,000 euros.
Buell press releases are nice, but Erik Buell himself is better. Traveled to Europe especially,
to bring the new XB12S TT closer to journalists,
he summarized the history as follows
together: “I was in Colorado some time ago
been, drifting around on the dust roads there and constantly switching back and forth between an XB9S City Cross and a Ulysses. After a while I thought a mixture of the two would be ideal, and here it is. ”A 1200 in a long frame with the add-on parts of the 900 City Cross, offered for around 11400 euros. Buell, who was producing his one hundred thousandth motorcycle these days, also explained the reason for the model designation TT. It has nothing to do with the legendary road race on the Isle of Man, but rather goes back to the American TT races of the 1940s
which the pilots dirt track, off-road and road races, yes even
drove a hillclimb ?? all with one and the same motorcycle.
Ducati The second highlight at Ducati was the production version of the Hyper, which appeared as a prototype a year ago-
motard, which deviates only a little from the prototype, and mostly
in the positive. Take the engine, for example: Instead of the 1000 series two-valve engine, the production motorcycle is given the latest 1100 series with 95 hp
Version, but different from the Multistrada 1100 with a
traditional dry clutch. For the fans who were concerned that the Hypermotard would not have the usual rattle
to have to. The sweeper costs around 11,500 euros.
The Hypermotard 1100 S differs from the standard model with its titanium nitride-coated sliding tubes, Ohlins shock absorber, forged wheels and Brembo monobloc brake calipers. The price of the S has not yet been determined, the standard model costs around 11,500 euros.
Husqvarna / MV Agusta What MOTORRAD had already reported in issue 15/2006 was actually on the Hus stand-
qvarna / MV Agusta: a new single cylinder supermoto, the SCR 650 CRC. The single cylinder has little to do with previous Husky engines
do, but takes up the layout of the MV four-cylinder. The chassis, made up of aluminum parts and stainless steel tubes, was not quite what MOTORRAD and draftsman Stefan Kraft had imagined. When asked, the informant said that the machine shown in Milan was not the one he had seen. Which version will go into series production??
This question does not arise with the MV Augusta F4 CC. It goes into series exactly as it was shown, but the production consists of only 100 copies. With everything that is visible or invisible in terms of high-quality parts and fine materials for a motorcycle. Carbon, titanium, magnesium, but especially fine work on almost all parts, characterize the most expensive production motorcycle in the world. The CC should cost 100,000 euros, deliver over 200 hp from a displacement of 1078 cm3 and thus be around 315 km / h.
Moto Guzzi Last but by no means least. after the
Guzzi developers with the presentations of the Norge, the 1200 Sport and various 850s were not exactly lazy during the year, they pushed another one in Milan 940 Custom and the Griso 8V with
newly developed four-valve engine on the stage. The four valves per cylinder are each actuated by a chain-driven camshaft and help the 1200 to achieve an output of 110 hp at a tight 9500 revolutions. In addition, the Griso 8V has a new bench seat and modified side panels. Forms the stylistic hit
but the exhaust system with the asymmetrical mouths. However, 14,500 euros are a proud price.
As far as the 940 Custom is concerned, the prospect will only find out that it has been given a new frame with a shorter wheelbase and more weight has been shifted to the rear wheel, which sticks “as if glued” to the road. The engine is trimmed for spontaneous acceleration from the lowest speeds. Nothing was said about the displacement designation.

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