Mini Dodge Tomahawk from China: low budget replica version

Mini Dodge Tomahawk from China

Replica version for the tight budget

The Dodge Tomahawk is one of the most expensive motorcycles ever. A cheaper replica version of the noble bike in mini format is currently being offered on the online platform Alibaba in China.

You always wanted to own a Dodge Tomahawk, but don’t have half a million euros left? Then you should feel like the multitude of other people interested in bikes. The replica version of the Tomahawk presented in this article is of course not technically comparable with the original, but optical similarities are immediately recognizable. The Mini Dodge Tomahawk will be offered at the in VS.hina domestic online platform Alibaba, on which various curiosities from the accessories area, also for motorcycles, are offered. A copy costs only around 1,000 US dollars. According to Alibaba, delivery to Germany is also possible, but the delivery costs are tough. A little more than $ 3,200 will be charged for shipping to Germany. So 4,200 US dollars – the equivalent of around 3,900 euros – would have to change hands to get a copy of the Mini Dodge.

Engine with 150 cm³ instead of the V10 drive

Technically, the replica version, unsurprisingly, doesn’t have much in common with the real Dodge Tomahawk. In the original, an 8.3 liter V-10 engine from the Dodge Viper is installed, which provides a whopping 507 hp. This should enable speeds of up to 400 km / h with the noble bike, which was first presented in 2003. In the Mini Tomahawk, on the other hand, an air-cooled single-cylinder engine with 150 cm³ is used, which is supposed to produce 10 hp at 8,000 and can only dream of speeds of up to 400 km / h. Similar to the real Tomahawk, two wheels are used at the front and rear, which are arranged in parallel.

Ali Baba

The mini tomahawk is available in different colors.

The inventors of the mini tomahawk have also made an effort to reproduce the replica model with as much detail as possible. It should also be obvious that for a price of just under 1,000 US dollars, the finest components are not necessarily used. Instead of the original components, lots of plastic components are used. Unlike the real Tomahawk, buyers can also choose from different color variants. In addition to single-color paintwork, some very colorful color variants can also be selected. According to the data sheet, the mini tomahawk should weigh 135 kilograms. Seven liters should fit into the tank. You can already see from the pictures that the Mini-Tomahawk, as the name suggests, is significantly smaller than the original bike. The manufacturer states that the length is 1,900 mm, the width 700 mm and the height 750 mm. Pilots take a seat at a seat height of 530 mm. It seems that there is currently a trend in Asia to create replica versions of luxury bikes. We recently reported on a Mini-H2, which is based on the compressor Kawa.


Of course, the Mini Tomahawk cannot be seen as a serious contender for use on German roads – but we didn’t want to withhold the replica model from China from you.

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