Monthly reports – Motorcycle market summer 2017: red light for the 125, green light for the large cubes – Page 1 – Warning to traffic lights on the motorcycle market

Motorcycle market summer 2017: red light for the 125, green light for the big cubes

Monthly reports - Summer motorcycle market 2017: red light for the 125s, green light for large cubes - Page 1 - Traffic light alert on the motorcycle market

The French motorcycle market had a good summer 2017, registering 1,608 more machines than in July and August 2016 (+ 6.6%). However, it is important to distinguish between the 125 in trouble and the big cubes on the rise…. MNC takes stock of the summer.

Page 1 – Traffic light warning on the motorcycle market

In July and August 2017, 26,144 motorcycles and scooters over 50 cc were registered in France. In – with the roads so photo and motor-genic! -, MNC had counted 24,536: the French motorcycle market has therefore had a great summer 2017 !? Yes, but.

Behind this increase in sales of + 6.6% hides an imbalance which in no way corresponds to that observed during the. As a reminder, last year, a dashing month of August (+ 16.8%) followed a sad month of July (-8.7%). But the calendar had made it possible to smooth out its fluctuations…

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This year, the number of working days in July and August were the same in 2016 as in 2017 (20 then 22). There was one less concession opening day in July 2017 (20 versus 21), but the shorter July 14 bridge this year ("national holiday" on Friday versus Thursday in 2016) has undoubtedly balanced the accounts.

Weather level, after a torrid month, "the heat persisted over the whole country during the first three weeks of July with two heat peaks from 5 to 8 and from 17 to 19, followed by general cooling, indicates Meteo France in its own summer report.

This cooling of temperatures in August and the lack of sunshine in the western half, however, did not alienate fans of two-wheelers motorized … by large machines! Because in July as in August, sales of large cubes ignited (+ 11.6% then + 16.6%), unlike sales of 125 cc (-4.5% then -6%)…

Likewise, the manufacturers are not – at all – housed in the same "boat": the details and the complete analysis of the evolution of the market in July and August 2017 are available on the following pages for our readers: good reading !

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