Monthly reviews – First half of 2017: the French prefer big motorcycles – Page 1 – A big month of June … for big cubes

First half of 2017: the French prefer big motorcycles

Monthly reviews - First half of 2017: the French prefer big motorcycles - Page 1 - A big month of June ... for big cubes

In June, as in the whole of the first half of 2017, the increase in the French motorcycle market (+3 and 12.6% respectively!) Hides an imbalance between the 125 which are starting to fall again and the large cubes which are constantly falling. ascend. MNC provides the full half-year report.

Page 1 – A big month of June … for big cubes

20,513 motorcycles (motorcycles and scooters over 50 cc) were registered in France in June 2017: compared to June 2016 and its, this corresponds to a jump of + 12.6%, mainly driven by sales of large engines.

Indeed, although the score of the 125 cc as a whole increased markedly between and June 2017 (around 1300 more immats), it suffered a decrease of -7.5% compared to June 2016. Unlike last year therefore, the sixth month only confirms the decline observed since January 1 (-6.7%).

The "scootomobilists" (car license holders converted to 125) who rely on two-wheelers to simplify their lives have obviously shunned this means of locomotion – and their dealers! – because of the excessive heat recorded in June. In favor of the bottled car … but air-conditioned ?

"With an average temperature of 21.2 ° C, i.e. 2.8 ° C above normal, June 2017 ranks second among the hottest months of June since 1900 behind June 2003 (+ 4.1 ° C) ", established the experts Miami Meteo France in their own report.

June 2017: 20,513 motorcycles (+ 12.6%)

From June 18 to 22, 2017, our country even experienced "a heat wave remarkable for its precocity and intensity". This was accompanied by a buying fever among bikers, the "real" ones: those who have the A license, or A2 for beginners..

With 14,655 registrations last month, the "over 125 cc" sector grew by more than 2,100 units compared to May 2017, and almost 2,800 compared to a month of June 2016, which was much less engaging by one point. weather view, whether you are a lover of motorbike-work-sleep, arousal between the balls or days circuits with friends.

In June 2017, all the lights were green within the Top 10 manufacturers of large cubes: whether they are generalists or very specialized, oriented towards premium or mass consumption, the main players in the large engine market have increased. their score.

From a calendar point of view, however, the sixth month of the year had as many working days in 2017 as in 2016 (22) and one less dealership opening day: 22 last year compared to 21 this year. , i.e. a drop in activity of -4.5%, fully met … by whom, thanks to what ?

The details and the complete analysis of the evolution of the market during the month of June 2017 and the whole of the first semester are available on the following pages for our readers: good reading !

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