Moto Morini Milano in the test

Moto Morini Milano in the test

Italian relaxation program

When Italians build something they call a “cruiser”, the result can also be a very active motorcycle. As with the latest naked bike from Moto Morini, the beautiful Milano. Driving pleasure meets fine aesthetics.

The day was stressful. Deadline pressure, conferences – and the tax office is waiting for the tax return. Now it’s time to clear your head somehow. With a motorcycle that was made for just that. You get on the very attractive one M.oto Morini Milano, and suddenly the day is your friend. It bears the name of Milan, the city of style and elegance. Fits exactly. This design, this feel! The machine grips and feels good with its three-tone paint in red, black and white – a visual nod to the legendary Moto Morini 3½ from the 1970s. Goal 344 cubic? The modern V2 with its 87 degree cylinder angle has three and a half times the displacement of the blessed 3½: a full 1187 cubic centimeters. In addition, there are loads of beautiful details, finely machined metal. For example, the elegantly milled upper triple clamp and the lower counterpart with a stable triple clamp. The one-piece bench with the quilted Moto Morini logo is elegant. The mighty works of art made of stainless steel elbows, which twist like a boa constrictor arm-thick from the mighty V2, make an impression. And then flow into aesthetically shaped, stacked silencers. Emotions in metal. What a casual motorcycle it is! Stop, stop, wait a minute: Moto Morini, that sonorous name, is back? Yes and if, as a creative manufacturer. And I’m allowed to drive the latest creation. I’m honored.

Moto Morini Milano test

Italian relaxation program

Not rowdy, just powerful

There is something very special about this motorcycle. It starts with the short-stroke V-engine: the huge 107 pistons only have 66 millimeters of stroke in front of them. They usually start work spontaneously. But after a cold start, the throttle response initially seems a bit synthetic. The V2 with the thick pistons needs time before it no longer chokes. It is not easy to properly coordinate such huge combustion chambers for the partial load range. The sound is a pleasant, bassy thump. In addition, it growls from the airbox under load like a hungry wolf. Not rowdy, just powerful, acoustically present, in a very pleasant pitch. The engine cracks violently, with a powerful punch in the middle of the speed.

A high experience value meets a wonderful entertainment factor, exclusivity through fine details meets high driving dynamics.

In the Milano the V2 runs smoothly a little earlier, operates a tad slower than in the Corsaro sisters. The hardware is identical. The secret? Other "mapping", i.e. software, allegedly reduces the Schlegel from 139 to 116 HP peak power. In truth, measured on the roll, up to 131 Italian Stallions, thoroughbred stallions, tear on the chain at the Milano. Tempo 30 zones go in second gear with 2,000 towers. In the sixth there should be at least 2,500 revolutions so that the V2 runs smoothly. Rapid: From 3,700 rpm to over 9,000 revolutions, there is always at least 100 Newton meters. From 60 to 140 km / h in sixth gear it takes just 6.4 seconds. Hey, here you are surfing a damn fat torque wave!

215 kilograms empty weight

Be careful, there is no traction control, just a switchable ABS on board. As much electronics as necessary to meet Euro 4 regulations, but as little as possible. Various driving modes? Don’t you miss If you can’t adjust anything, you never do anything wrong. The V2 distributes mightily. The power is always enough for a smaller or larger pleasure wheelie. Vibrations? Sure, noticeable. But never annoying. Is just a very lively drive. Long translated: At 130 km / h, the narrow crankshaft rotates a moderate 5,000 times per minute. Speed ​​orgies? Not necessary. You can quickly make friends with the powerful old-school motor and its smooth hydraulic coupling.

The TFT display is beautifully colorful.

Even in the slow driving range, the 215-kilo lightweight is well balanced and is not only easy to control when maneuvering. Only the turning circle turned out large, over six meters. The Milano folds down wonderfully light-footed before every new bend. Almost as handy as a 125cc. The large lever arm of the tall, wide handlebar pays off. Don’t push too hard, otherwise it’ll get fidgety. The light forged wheels also play their part in the feather-light turning. The wheelbase (1,490 millimeters) and caster (109 mm) are longer than the Corsaros. The tubular frame made of chrome-molybdenum steel integrates the engine and, like the long “wicker swing arm”, functions exclusively for the Milano. It brings good mechanical traction. Mupo spring elements have been an insider tip for some time. The carbon-coated upside-down fork is very responsive and offers great feedback. It carries quick adjusters for the spring base and above all the adjustment of the damping. Click, click – without any tools. Tip: Open compression and rebound each 30 of 50 clicks. The Mupo spring strut works with real feeling, getting the best out of just 100 millimeters of suspension travel: You can feel the road conditions at all times, all of its pitfalls and gaps in the tar surface without suffering. Only at the exit of very fast corners does the Milano sometimes drift a little further outwards.

A real cornering cruiser

Pirelli’s famous Gran Turismo tires Angel GT are blessed with great grip. But for this concept, a 180 rear tire on a 5.5-inch rim would probably have been used instead of the eye-catching 190 on a six-inch rim. He hugs longitudinal grooves. Bumps in the sloping position bring the chic Milano a little off the target course. Not bad, but noticeable as a decrease in steering precision. Moved with enthusiasm, the cover of the lower muffle so on turns to the right, spraying sparks on the collar. Slightly lifting the stern – a quick exercise – reduces this effect. And thus creates more freedom of inclination in the angular work. If Italians understand this by a "comfortable cruiser", it is more of a real cornering cruiser. Or a beautiful, active naked bike?

Independent: classically inspired yet modern styling with an ingenious lacquer design.

Brembo monoblock pliers grip powerfully and are still not angry biteers. The pressure point of the very good stoppers did not turn out to be super crisp, but rather soft, not exactly adjustable. The Bosch ABS of the MP 9.1 series acts as a reliable partner. The sitting position is easy to get along with: the knees on the narrowly drawn-in tank flanks fit, the knee angle is at most a bit acute for really long guys. The front bench is cut nice and narrow, friendly to the little people. It’s easy to come to earth. The footrests sit amidships. Almost upright, wonderfully broad-shouldered, you receive the world. You feel and see everything, smell and feel. Wonderful. Only the space for the pillion is a bit small like the load (a meager 160 kilos) and falls off to the rear. Fits for the ice cream parlor after all. Okay, even the thin driver’s seat is not exactly suitable for touring – after an hour or two it pinches in the bottom. So what? You have to fill up there anyway. In view of the 5.9 liters consumption when driving carefully, the 13.5-liter tank threatens to ebb soon. Everything is so beautifully digital here: The automobile-like TFT display is not ideally legible. And LED displays for intuitive recording of the current speed (green – yellow – red) dazzle during the day. Good idea, but not so well implemented. Free, because this fine manufactured motorcycle for a fair 15,000 euros is a great fun on the country road, makes an impression on the promenade – is an Italian. At every stop, admire flock to get involved in gasoline conversations and want to know everything about the extravagant roadster. He is different, unique, unique. Anyone who has forgotten why motorcycling is something wonderful (“second best feeling”) – he or she learns it again here. Deadline pressure, tax office, conferences? Far away. Mission accomplished, relaxation found!


The beautiful, casual Moto Morini Milano is extravagant and yet broadband and suitable for everyday use. A great combination. And a great, harmonious motorcycle too. The softer, hardly weaker V2 than in the Corsaros flatters your heart. A high experience value meets a wonderful entertainment factor, exclusivity through fine details meets high driving dynamics. Heart, what do you want more? One likes to forgive small peculiarities.

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