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Hesketh announcement

1,000 cc three-cylinder with supercharging

The British motorcycle manufacturer Hesketh is reinventing itself once again and has announced a new sport bike with compressor technology for 2020.

Hesketh Motorcycles was founded by Lord Hesketh in the 1980s. The eccentric Brit wanted to revive the British motorcycle industry with his experience from Formula 1. The then developed 1000 V2 suffered from various problems and so Hesketh had to file for bankruptcy after only 139 machines had been produced. In the following years there were various attempts at resuscitation, but they also failed. In 2014 the motorcycle manufacturer started again and built a few motorcycles with the S&S-V2 engines and later also with supercharging. In the last expansion stage, a whopping 210 hp were achieved from a displacement of 2.1 liters.

Compressor triple installed lengthways

With the new model that has now been announced, of which there is only one drawing so far, Hesketh is turning away from the previous concept. One liter of displacement should be distributed over three cylinders. The lengthways built-in triple should, however, be forced ventilation again using a compressor. The first draft shows a half-shell cladding and a slim, modern stern. Modern 17-inch cast rims are guided by a USD fork at the front and a light metal swing arm with a directly hinged strut at the rear. The final drive is via a chain, at the front there are radial brake calipers on a double disc system.

Since there is so far nothing more than this drawing of the new Hesketh, we take the liberty of doubting that the new model will be on the market in 2020.

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