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Honda CB 300 R (2018)

Great little entry-level motorcycle

The Honda CB 300 R is positioned between the CB 1000 R and the CB 125 R.. In Germany, it is the only Japanese street motorcycle in this displacement class and primarily aims to attract young people.

With the Honda VS.B 300 R, Honda re-enters the market of 300 cc motorcycles after a year break. It is being advertised as a (re) entry-level bike for design-conscious riders, which should win over potential buyers with its easily controllable performance, low costs and lively driving dynamics.

In reality, well-metered power means 31 hp from the 298 cm³ engine, which is identical to the unit of the Honda CB 300 R. That could be problematic for the German market, as the Honda is a big step away from the 48 hp brand, which plays an important role especially for young people with an A2 driving license.

As with the CB 125 R, the Honda CB 300 R scores with its weight: 143 kg with a full tank! In connection with the short wheelbase of 1,352 mm, this should ensure feather-light handling. It is still a long way off from a sports naked bike, as Honda calls it. It should be interesting whether the Honda with its minimalist style can prevail over the gaudier competition.

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